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This story is about a little girl named Property Jones, so-called
because she was left in the lost property cupboard of a bookshop
when she was five years old. Property loves living in the bookshop,
but she has a whopper of a secret ... she can't actually read!
So Property doesn't see the newspaper article announcing the chance
to win the Montgomery Book Emporium, the biggest and most magnificent
bookshop in the world! When her family win the competition,
Property finds herself moving to the Emporium, a magical place
filled with floor upon floor of books and a very bad-tempered
cat. But all is not at it seems at the Emporium and soon Property
Jones finds herself in a whole heap of trouble.

The Bookshop Girl Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781407159690
  • Pub Date: 6th April 2017
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • Imprint: Scholastic
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 176

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2nd July '17
MiaT read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
5 stars
I love this book!My favourite person is Property and    I am glad she told them her secret.
3rd July '17
I read it to AnnaC aged 7 aged 7
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
5 stars
a beautiful story about a girl called Property Jones who is abandoned in a bookshop when she is 5 and grows up with the family there. Some lovely evocative descriptions and gorgeous illustrations
20th April '17
I read it myself (an adult) , to CIBA17 Telling Tales Book Club aged 7 to 9 & to Year5 aged 9 to 10
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
5 stars
Property Jones was found in the lost property cupboard of the Jones’ bookshop when she was just 5 years old, which explains her name. What she doesn't explain to Mrs Jones and Michael is that she can't read, but that doesn't stop her from loving the books in their cold, quaint bookstore. 

When the family discover they've won The Montgomery Book Emporium (the biggest and most magnificent bookshop in the world), they think all their problems are solved, when in fact, they've only just begun...

Humour and peril are swirled together to create a lovely mystery in a dream setting for book lovers of all ages, with well crafted characters, including a devilishly, delightful kitten. Sylvia Bishop has done for books what Roald Dahl did for chocolate. If ever this bookshop comes to be I will be at the head of the queue, and will no doubt leave book rich, purse empty!
19th May '17
Westy10 read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
5 stars
I liked this book because its a really good short adventure which has lots of ups and downs. I liked learning about the book emporium the best which was great for a book lover like me
1st May '17
ejpot read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
5 stars
Words of my 9 year old - i loved this book so much i didnt want to put it down, i read it over 3 days and found it easy to read. I loved the girl property i loved how her character was. Brilliant read.
17th April '17
Evie read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
5 stars
I read it on my own and didn't need much help from my mum. I like property she is sic. and I like Gunther I really enjoyed the book and felt a bit sad she kept secrets as I can tell my mum anything.
3rd May '17
Polly2011 read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
5 stars
The words of my 7 year old . This book is amazing, a magical book shop a girl who has a secret ( she can't read)  a really funny cat, and a little bit of detective work. Just loved it. 
17th April '17
MunchkinMegan read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
5 stars
If i could give this book more than 5 stars i absolutely would!! 

I was completely engrossed in The Bookshop Girl and just couldn't put it down. I think that Sylvia Bishop is marvellous because book lovers everywhere will appreciate the idea of not only living in a book store but living in the MOST AMAZING book store! The Emporium is the most incredible place- with rooms suspended by complicated system of ropes and chains.

Property is very likeable and her struggle to read is very real. The story was fabulous to read and i thoroughly enjoyed the journey. The illustrations are STUNNING! I absolutely adore them, it was the imagery that lead me to the book in the first place- the image of this lovely girl surrounded by all of those books and of course her cat- that instantly struck a cord with me.

I would love to continue reading about Property and her family and of course the Emporium. I found this book an easy, gentle read and i just didn't want to put it down! 

I would also like to give a shout out to author Sylvia Bishop and illustrator Ashley King who i think make a fantastic team, if you enjoyed this book try Erica's Elephant too. 

I feel that The Bookshop Girl will become a security blanket of a book, something i will comfortably return to over and over again.
27th April '17
Mads1811 read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
5 stars
I enjoyed this book, my mum says I read it quickly. Property was my favorite character.
16th November '18
This Girl Loves to Read read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
4 stars
Property Jones is found abandoned 5 years old in the White Hart bookshop. She then ends up growing up there. One day, Property and her family win a book shop one day, and are curious at why the owner is so desperate to go ....
I really enjoyed this book but it wasn't my favourite so I would rate it 4/5. It was a mix between an adventure and it was quite despairing but in a good way. I think it would be a great book for ages 8 - 11. I liked the scene and basic storyline. A great book! 
11th April '17
Girly read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
4 stars
The story is about a girl who lives in a bookshop but can't read. I would feel quite upset if I couldn't read. Her family think that she can read so she calls it the big secret.

I liked the book. My favourite bit was when she was climbing on ropes and jumping. It was very exciting and adventurous. The cat - called The Gunther - was my favourite character. He did very funny and cool things like making a raspberry noise at the character's brother. I would have liked it better if we didn't get told everything that happened to the people at the end because I'd like to have guessed.

I read most of this on my own but also listened to some of it as my bedtime story. There were a few tricky words but I didn't struggle. I enjoyed the story.
8th June '17
Lylamay read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
4 stars
This book was really good.  I especially liked the cat on her shoulder.

Property was a fun character who was clever even though she couldn't read.

I would love to go to the emporium but wouldn't want to go through the emergency exit like Property did as that sounded scary.

I would recommend this book to my friends.
12th April '17
I read it to Hstar aged 9 aged 9
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
4 stars
We enjoyed this book as the story was really imaginative and the illustrations were gorgeous.  It was a good story for independent reading as it got straight into the story without lots of scene setting so held their interest really well.  My daughter loved Property as she thought she was a really strong and quirky character.  I would definitelt recommend this book for children starting to read on their own as it was easy to understand and follow.
11th March '18
I read it myself (an adult)
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
4 stars
Completely charming, with great illustrations punctuating the story. You feel for Property Jones straight away and as she's caught up in the twisty plot, her courage and the highly amusing cat Gunther will keep you sucked in to the end. It reminded me a little of Garth Nix's Mister Monday series, with the huge and physics-defying bookshop (but wouldn't you love to live there!), but it's a simpler story ideal for children transitioning to chapter books. I think it'd make a super read-aloud for Y3-4 and can't wait to hear what the children think when it goes into our library this week!
8th April '17
Belllboo read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
The Bookshop Girl 9781407159690
4 stars
The bookshop girl is a really good book.  I read it in just two days.

Property Jones and her mum and her brother win a contest to own a special bookshop in London but a bad man names Eliot is trying to take it away from them.  With help from her new cat Property has to try and save her family's home and shop.

My best bit was when the Jones family join forces or stop Eliot and his gang.  I think girls and boys age 10 and younger would enjoy this book.
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