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The Great Fire Dogs


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London 1666 - A terrible plague has swept through the city and people live in fear of animals carrying the disease.Woofer is a loveable stray who works in the palace kitchen and Tiger Lily is the pampered pet spaniel of King Charles II. They come from very different worlds but this hasn't stopped them becoming the best of friends and looking out for each other. When Woofer finds himself in trouble he has to escape the palace grounds and Tiger Lily isn't far behind him.It's not long before a new danger emerges - a great fire is sweeping across London destroying everything in its path. Can these two brave dogs survive the blazing fire and make their way to safety?

The Great Fire Dogs Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780141365268
  • Pub Date: 25th August 2016
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 240

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4th September '16
I read it to Amelia aged 8 aged 8
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
5 stars
Just finished this lovely book,my little girl didn't want it to end. A real pull on the heart strings with cute dogs a winner in our house would recommend it to everyone. 
15th September '16
Belllboo read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
5 stars
Boo has been gripped through-out. She has actually been reading this in place of her school book and couldn't wait to carry on with it each day.  I will add her own review once written.
10th October '16
Bambibam read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
5 stars
i started to read this book on the 9th of October 6:00 pm and i finished it on the 10th of October 7:55 am  if your wondering yes i'm only nine and i'm a book worm but i wont listen to people that judge me i don't care as long if i'm myself  anyway lets get back to the review.

I think that this is a grate book and i would recommend this to everyone i meet.


anyway i would highly recommend this to all of you reading this right now 
31st August '16
keiranadine07 read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
5 stars
I LOVED this book so much! We covered The Great Fire Of London in school last year and it was lovely to read about Woofer and Tiger Lily's story of survival. I especially liked the part where Tiger Lily caught her first fish in the river and the king cooked it for her. I also enjoyed reading Echo come home and i think Megan Rix is a wonderful author
6th September '16
I read it myself (an adult)
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
5 stars
The perfect modern tale for the anniversary of the great fire of London. I loved reading animal books as a kid, and this book would have been on my reading list. I love the elements of friendship and beating adversity. a great read, with added history.
17th September '16
KiddyCreative read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
5 stars
"The great Fire dogs" was a passionate story of two friends and their struggles to escape the horror of the Fire . To be honest, this book awed me, and treated me to the knowledge of the past . It's made me improve in my school history lessons too, so I hope I get to read more books like this in the future ! . 
One of the things that touched me was the strong loyalty between TigerLily and Woofer , and how they refused to be parted with each other .
    All I can say is that the Author Megan Rix has an amazing mind ! I am inspired by her and I hope more children like me around the world will be inspired too .
20th January '17
Dragonflame read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
5 stars
Having read Megan Rix' book, Echo Come Home, I also read this one, a story about how two friends, a princess Tiger Lily and a kitchen dog Woofer survive the great fire of London and try to get back with their owners, but the smoke is thick and the fire is blazing, and it's not quite a piece of cake. 

This book was the most emotional book I have ever read, I felt everything with every detail, and I just understood how hard or how sad things were. Megan Rix has become one of my favourite authors. Megan got a lot of historical information to give such a detail to this book, and I found out a lot myself like the ice fares on the River Thames, and how the dog would roast the meat with these machines. And plus I really would like to test out the dog recipes on the back of the book, I am sure my dog, Scooby, is willng to try them out!
25th August '16
neave08-from-aberdeen read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
5 stars
I think that anyone who is an animal lover will absolutely love this book!  This book is about a boy and he saves a dog but when the dog becomes friends with a royal dog, the two dogs run away.  Then a big fire starts.  Will the dogs be able to escape the fire?

I really enjoyed this book because it was really exciting and fun. The characters were really funny and they seemed to come to life in my head. I think lots of people will enjoy reading this book. I was giggling the whole way through!  But i got a little sad at some points.  Bye!  I hope you liked reading my opinion!  
16th August '16
Tommyg read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
5 stars
We liked this book because we liked the dogs in it and we have all done the great fire of London at school, so it was relevant (Charlie is going to take it into show his teacher) . It was a nice surprise to receive Echo come home as well as we wasn't expecting it.
We all enjoyed it overall and we think if you like Animals you will like this.
10th August '16
Westy10 read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
The Great Fire Dogs 9780141365268
4 stars
I liked this book because I liked the dogs in it and it was a very interesting time period it was set in. I have read several other books by Megan Rix  and they were all set during the war.
I liked Woofer the best as he was very playful and funny.
I liked the story and would recommend it to any animal lovers.
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About Megan Rix

Megan Rix is the hugely popular author of animal adventure books set in the modern day, World War One and Two and most recently The Great Fire of London. An animal lover and dog-trainer, she draws inspiration from her own adorable dogs Traffy, Bella and Freya, and many fascinating and extraordinary animal stories to engage her readers....

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