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Megan Rix

  • 5 stars across 18 books
Megan Rix is the hugely popular author of animal adventure books set in the modern day and key periods of history, including the First and Second World Wars, the Great Fire of London and the Suffragettes fight for women's right to vote. An animal lover and dog-trainer, Megan draws inspiration from her own adorable dogs Traffy, Bella and Freya, and many fascinating and extraordinary animal stories to engage her readers.
4th March 2021

Lizzie and Lucky: The Mystery of the Missing Puppies

'A joyous tale celebrating animals, mysteries, family and friendship (both of the two-legged and four-legged variety!)' ... MoreLizzie and Lucky: The Mystery of the Missing Puppies

(14 reviews) Review
3rd January 2019

Florence and the Mischievous Kitten

The brilliant new book from Megan Rix, telling the story of Florence Nightingale through the eyes of her young ward. Flo... MoreFlorence and the Mischievous Kitten

(11 reviews) Review
4th January 2018

Emmeline and the Plucky Pup

Meet the leader of the Suffragettes, Emmeline Pankhurst, and a particularly plucky pup, during a momentous time in histo... MoreEmmeline and the Plucky Pup

(10 reviews) Review
25th August 2016

The Great Fire Dogs

London 1666 - A terrible plague has swept through the city and people live in fear of animals carrying the disease.Woofe... MoreThe Great Fire Dogs

(9 reviews) Review
1st August 2013

The Bomber Dog

The Bomber Dog is a gripping and heartwarming story for 9+ readers about a brave puppy who joins the paratroopers during... MoreThe Bomber Dog

(8 reviews) Review
3rd May 2012

The Great Escape

The Great Escape is a gripping and heartwarming story for 9+ readers about three pets who are separately from their belo... MoreThe Great Escape

(5 reviews) Review
7th January 2016

Echo Come Home

'I wish I had a dog . . . It could be a big dog or a little one. It could be any colour or breed. Just most of all I'd ... MoreEcho Come Home

(4 reviews) Review
4th April 2013

The Victory Dogs

The Victory Dogs is the incredible story of two puppies who become heroes of the blitz.A heartwarming story for 9+ reade... MoreThe Victory Dogs

(3 reviews) Review
7th May 2015

The Runaways

*2015 RED HOUSE CHILDREN'S BOOK AWARD SHORTLISTED AUTHOR*A brand new animal adventure for 8+ readers set during World Wa... MoreThe Runaways

(2 reviews) Review
3rd August 2017

Winston and the Marmalade Cat

Winston and the Marmalade Cat is the first in a brand-new series from award-winning author Megan Rix! Full of adventure,... MoreWinston and the Marmalade Cat

(2 reviews) Review
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