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Was read to me 15th January '19

That's Not My Otter
Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
I loved this addition to the 'That's not my' range. It's nice to have a different animal for my daughter to see. She is now old enough to spot the parts of the otter to feel without prompting, but this doesn't seem to affect her enjoyment at all, and it's good to be able to talk to her about the different sensations / types of fabric etc.

Was read to me 15th January '19

Little Monkey
Author: Marta Altes
My daughter loves this story, though I am not sure she is old enough to really grasp the role of the tiger! It's a sweet romp through the jungle as you follow little monkey trying to prove he is big enough to be in the jungle just like his friends. Great pictures, my daughter asks for it to be read again and again.

Was read to me 14th January '19

Where Bear?
Author: Sophy Henn
My daughter absolutely fell in love with this book! I thought the storyline a little weak, but I guess the simplicity and the lovely pictures won her over. It's the story of a boy trying to find a home for his bear - it's lovely that you get to visit all the places bears might live and for older children could talk to them about this. My daughter also adores stripes and thinks the boy's outfit is great ::) Really lovely little board/hardback book for older toddlers.

Was read to me 8th January '19

Surprise Visitors
Author: Heather Amery Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright
My daughters favourite Farmyard Tales to date. She absolutely loved the surpise visitors & what they brought! As ever the duck also keeps her occupied. Having a short sentence at the top of the page, and more at the bottom, I can really see how these books will last and be part of her learning to read.

Was read to me 7th January '19

Please Mr Panda
Author: Steve Antony
I thought this was a great book, especially if early talkers are struggling with the concept of please/thank you. The panda is very grumpy and you can make this quite a funyn part of the story, and teach that being polite can get you what you want (sometimes!). Very simple, so great for toddlers.