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I read this book 15th January '19

History Starting Points: Boudica and the Celts
Author: David Gill
This is a super easy book to read. The information about Boudica, the Celts and early Britain are laid out in an easy to follow manner with fun, interactive activities to try yourself. The images are a mixture between cartoon illustrations, maps and photographs. It covers many areas including housing, farming, beliefs and clothes. A great introductory book to the Celts.

I read this book 15th January '19

Early Britain 500,000 BC-AD 1154
I'm currently using this book in history. So far I've found it very useful. I like the easy to read layout, how additional bits of information are displayed in bite size chunks, the imagery is vibrant and engaging with great maps and diagrams. The book covers the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Normans. A useful and engaging book.

I read this book 15th January '19

Little Leaders: Visionary Women Around the World
Author: Vashti Harrison
I loved the first book I got by Vashti Harrison- Bold Women in Black History. So I knew that I would love whatever came next. This book certainly lived up to that belief! Just like the first book I found there were many names in here of absolutely incredible women that i'd never heard of so i'm really glad to have the book as now i can say i have. The selection of incredible women is great and there are also so of my absolute favourite role models in here as well as ones i'd never heard of. This is a beautiful, inspiring book to have. The artwork is stunning and as before I've spent some of the week practising the illustrative style- it's absolutely beautiful. It truly is an inspiring book.

I read this book 18th December '18

Author: R. J. Palacio
I knew from the very first page that I was going to really enjoy this book and I was absolutely right! It's a really touching book, I could really feel how the characters were feeling. I liked that the book was from different people's perspectives, I felt that was a great way to get a well rounded idea of everybody and the story as it unfolds from everyone involved. I also really loved the heart-warming quotes from songs and different people- I felt that they went really well with the story and the message that it carries- they're all about how it doesn't matter what you look like, or what you have, that what you should remember is to be yourself.

I couldn't put it down, it was a very easy read, I loved how all the parts tied in with each other. I felt emotionally tied to the story and genuinely loved it so much I could cry. I found it really inspirational. My favourite character, gosh that's hard, is August- he's just lovely, sweet and understanding.

I'd recommend it to everyone.

I read this book 4th December '18

Rock & Fossil Hunter
Author: Ben Morgan
I bought this book in Lyme Regis, which is probably the best place to find out all about fossils and local palaeontologist Mary Anning (my hero). I really enjoyed the book, it's layout is easy to follow with bitesize chunks of information and great pictures. It includes lots of experiments to try which are all super easy to put together and conduct. Perfect for fossil fans, fans of facts and anyone who enjoys science.