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I read this book 12th March '19

The Valentines: Happy Girl Lucky
Author: Holly Smale
I've never read any Holly Smale's books before but I have thoroughly been enjoying this book so I will be looking out for it now.
I love the layout of the book, I found that incredibly engaging and really appreciate the changes in font, style etc.
The description is great, I really felt that this aided the story, Holly paints a picture so effortlessly. The book is a mixture of humour and seriousness, both played to their strengths. I love when the character's get sassy- I was hit by sassy a lot reading this book which I loved.
I think my favourite character is Faith; she's quirky in the way that she does stuff, she wears lots of brightly coloured clothes- like she's been transported from the 80's and she's compassionate- always put everyone before her which I can relate to.
Really enjoyable book, it is mammoth though so be warned- this is not a light read.

I read this book 12th February '19

What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible
Author: Ross Welford
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I already want to read it again. It was the perfect book to read in bed, although I did get quite emotional and really could have done with a cuddle. Every person that I've spoken to about the book and recommended it to has just heard a repeat rendition of "It's just so good". I felt that Ross Welford did exceptionally well in writing this book and I am now seeking out more of his work. My favourite character is Ethel and Elliot. Ethel is funny, cheerful but easy to anger, Elliot is obsessed with Lighthouses, he's funny in his delivery of what he says. Oh, I also love Mr Parker- I fell a bit in love with him. He uses really great language and I can totally get on board with that. This book was splendid!!

I read this book 12th February '19

Disney Princess - Tangled: Mother Knows Best
1. It is completely impossible not to keep singing the song Mother Knows Best while reading this book. 2. I love the idea of having this book written from an all seeing narrator, and predominately Gothel's point of view. This story delves deeper into her past and does, DOES change the way you view her. I always quite liked Mother Gothel, kidnapping and confinement aside but this book almost turns the story completely on its head. It has been genuinely, very, very well constructed. If you love Disney movies and anything with a twist, then this is the book for you.

I read this book 12th February '19

Little Bird Flies
Author: Karen McCombie
I absolutely adore this book. I can not tell you just how much I have enjoyed reading it. Things I enjoyed: The map at the beginning really helped me to visualise Tornish. It was a great addition and don't the best books always have maps?! I loved how much description the book went into, Karen describes things so that they literally jump off the page and settle in your minds eye. I have found myself completely and utterly compelled by the story, so much so that I have become emotionally attached to the characters- while they've been sad, I have too. While they've been cheerful, I have too. When they were angry, I grew angry. The story follows Bridie, also known as Little Bird, who I found immensely likable. She's witty, feisty, adventurous- all the best leading ladies are! I desperately want to discuss my favourite parts with you, especially those that I found quite powerful but I would regret spoiling the story for you. I can't wait to read the next book. I found this book a fantastic read.

I read this book 22nd January '19

The Human Body is Awesome
Author: Thomas Canavan
I have to say that this one of the best books that I have read on the human body. Packed with facts, photos and diagrams, the layout of this book is super easy to follow and only picks out the coolest facts to know about the human body. I really enjoyed that there was a main header fact at the top of the page and then random facts relating to it and the human body underneath. This made for a varied and interesting read. The bitesize facts doted around were a great addition too! No matter where I open this book, I find something fascinating that I can relay to my friends and family. I love it.