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Tilly is going to stay with her gran and great-gran in Wales. She's got a big school project about the Second World War to do and Gran, who was evacuated herself during the war, has promised to help. Travelling on the train for the first time alone, Tilly falls asleep and wakes up to discover she's travelled all the way back to World War II. She's being evacuated to Wales with her two younger brothers. Stern Mr Edwards offers to give them a home on his remote farm, where she meets a very special sheepdog...

The Storm Dog Reviews | Toppsta


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2nd November '17
I read it to M.Shennan aged 6 aged 6
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
5 stars
I used this book for reading to my grandson age 6.
I liked the hard back and front cover illustration.
Explaining world war two and evacuation was difficult to get over as he had had nothing on that at school yet .
It was a lovely story told through a dream.
The type size was good and he was able to read some bits for himself and by enlarge the vocabulary wasn't too difficult.
10th December '17
EESmith read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
5 stars
Tarran is my favourite character, because he helps save Mr Thomas by getting Tilly out into the field where Mr Thomas is hurt. He also gets the doctor's attention when Tilly is asleep in the hedge, by barking. He's a true hero!

A favourite part of mine was when Tilly, Eddie and Alfie are on the train being evacuated to Wales. I like it when Miss Jennings has seen the boys messing about and then Tilly tells them off. This is just one of my favourite parts. I found it difficult to decide, because I enjoyed all of it.

I rate this book TEN STARS (and that's not even possible!)
12th November '17
chaboyfaz read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
5 stars
'I read this thick book in three days and I've never done that before, so it must be really interesting. I think this book would be good for children who like mystery stories.'
4th November '17
Library Club read it themselves aged 7 to 12
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
5 stars
I really liked this book. It was exciting and I couldn't stop reading it. The time travel was a bit strange sometimes but I liked it. I thought Tilly was a great character and very brace. My favourite in the book was the little boy. I would recommend this book for both boys and girls, age 8 - 10. 
29th October '17
Warren read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
5 stars
I really enjoyed this book because we are learning about World War 2 at school so I had a good idea of the setting.
Tilly is an amazing and very brave person in the story.
Loved the cover and drawings/pictures in the book and I liked the fact it was a hardback book.
Wow recommend to everyone, even my big sister is reading the book now.
29th October '17
MunchkinMegan read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
5 stars
I thought this was a truly beautiful book by Holly Webb. I'm quite used to her writing style and the general premises that she tends to write about but i felt that this one was truly something a little bit special.

I thought the story was really good and i was gripped at the very beginning, there were some twists and turns throughout the book that made the story telling really interesting.

I enjoyed that the majority of the book was set in World War II. My favourite character is Tilly.
2nd January '18
ejpot read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
5 stars
I really enjoyed this book. We learnt about the war and evacuees at school so found it really interesting to read. I found it easy and really interesting and it didnt take me long to read it 
14th November '17
Eva-Raye read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
5 stars
My 7 year old daughter loved reading this book and was lost in the story unable to put it down until she had finished. It's a lovely book to curl up with on a wintery evening
19th April '18
Brooke53 read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
4 stars
I read this book but it has taken me a long time to do as I haven't read a book this size before. I really enjoyed reading about ww2 and as I haven't learnt a out it at school yet it got me interested so I have researched it since. 

The story is fascinating and easy to read. 
21st November '17
Freya14 read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
4 stars
We enjoyed this book, we read it together as some words were difficult. Brilliant storyline we were engrossed and couldn't wait to finish it 
17th January '18
TopLegomaster read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
4 stars
I enjoyed the story. The book is based around one main character, a girl called Tilly. It is set at the time of the Second World War when children were being evacuated to the countryside. I didn’t like how the man got hurt but he was ok in the end. I did like the way the story moved through time. I wouldn’t like to have been evacuated. 
I recommend it to people who like adventure stories and books about people. 
3rd November '17
I read it to Darcey aged 6 aged 6 & to Jake321 aged 10 aged 10
The Storm Dog 9781847157935
3 stars
Although we very much enjoyed the story, we felt the narrative device of Tilly 'turning into' her Gran as a child was a bit weird and confusing. The time travel element didn't really work for us.  On the plus side, this is a great book for kids learning about World War Two and what life was like for an evacuee.  
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