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Oliver Moon And The Potion Commotion


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Enter the world of Oliver Moon, Junior Wizard, in these fun illustrated adventures full of gruesome details, extraordinary characters and a massive dose of magic. Oliver Moon is the hardest working wizard at Magic School and now he's been nominated for Young Wizard of the Year. But at home he has to cope with his seriously embarrassing unmagical parents. What will the judges say when they find out that the Moons use a microwave instead of a cauldron and a car instead of a broomstick?

Oliver Moon And The Potion Commotion Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 7 in the Oliver Moon Series. See all Oliver Moon books here.

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27th November '18
I read it to SophieKelly aged 5 aged 5
Oliver Moon And The Potion Commotion 9780746073063
5 stars
Oliver Moon is a younger kids' Harry Potter. He is from a wizarding background although his parents embrace "non-magical ways" - driving a car, cooking slugs in microwaves (instead of the traditional couldron), failing to wear capes and pointy hats etc.. When Oliver's school teachers inform him he has been short-listed for "Young Wizard of the Year" - he quickly goes to work at upping the magic at home so his family interview with the competition judges goes well.... but is it at the expense of the potion test, the spells test and the broomstick flying test? Funny and interesting - with lots of unusual names and words to practise decoding. Much better received than the shorter school scheme-reading books provided each night! Definitely helped re-motivate Sophie that its worth pressing on and reading as books can be fun !

Usborne state this as GOLD level; but certainly compared to scheme Gold-books, it feels harder than that but certainly very accessible. (7 chapters / 91-pages / illustrations but some full pages of text (albeit fairly large text)). There are 12 books in the series.
11th November '16
MunchkinMegan read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Oliver Moon And The Potion Commotion 9780746073063
5 stars
This is the first book in the Oliver Moon series, it is a great introduction to Oliver Moon, his life, his family and his friends. I think these books are perfect for younger readers looking to make the transition from picture books to chapter books or for older children who want a quick (easy) read. The book centres around the young wizard, Oliver, who has been nominated for a Wizarding Award. I found the book very funny and engaging. The illustrations were fun too.
This books is part of a larger set, you can read the book as a stand alone adventure or as part of an ongoing story- learning all about Oliver, his family and friends. 
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