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The first in a dazzling, commercial, historical adventure series set in the extravagant and deadly world of the French Revolution. A whirlwind of action, science and magic reveals, with a diverse cast of fearless heroines, a band of rebels like no other.

Camille, a revolutionary's daughter, leads a band of outcasts - a runaway girl, a deserter, an aristocrat in hiding. As the Battalion des Morts they cheat death, saving those about to meet a bloody end at the blade of Madame La Guillotine. But their latest rescue is not what she seems. The girl's no aristocrat, but her dark and disturbing powers means both the Royalists and the Revolutionaries want her. But who and what is she?
In a fast and furious story full of the glamour and excesses, intrigue and deception of these dangerous days, no one can be trusted, everyone is to be feared. As Camille learns the truth, she's forced to choose between loyalty to those she loves and the future.

Dangerous Remedy Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781789543667
  • Pub Date: 4th February 2021
  • Publisher: Head of Zeus
  • Imprint: Head of Zeus
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 432

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First Line

A bullet ripped through the fabric of the hot air balloon, and Ada knew their whole plan has been a terrible mistake.

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  • ‘An intelligent, lush and rollicking opener to what promises to be your new YA obsession. Vivid, dark and complex - I fell under Dangerous Remedy’s spell from the very first page.’ Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of The Deathless Girls ‘Dangerous is apt for Dunn’s stunning debut; not only does it encapsulate her execution of the narrative, the inspiration from France’s Reign of Terror, but it foreshadows the fact that Dangerous Remedy is only the beginning for this daring and talented author.’ Ciannon Smart, author of Witches Steeped in Gold ‘Dunn’s delightful French Revolution-set debut pays homage to The Scarlet Pimpernel. The resourceful Camille and her girlfriend Ada attempt to survive both revolutionaries and royalists.’ The i ‘The writing is lavish and richly evocative of a restless country, teetering between exultation and protest. Wonderfully diverse and effortlessly memorable, the characters of the battalion carry the heart of the story. There is a gorgeous queer romance at the centre of it, but that is just one of a variety of brilliantly rendered relationships…’ The Bookbag
  • ‘Kat Dunn has crafted a fast-paced adventure with stunning characters trying to save themselves – and others – from a society shattered into treachery and bloodshed. A fantastic blend of science and history, this portrait of Revolutionary-era Paris is impossible to put down, with a relationship at the heart of it that you desperately root for.’ Helen Corcoran, author of Queen of Coin and Whispers ‘This is a fascinating and exciting mixture of history and magic/fantasy... The book brings a real feel of the period and there are echoes of titles such as A Tale of Two Cities, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, The Red Necklace… Altogether this is an exciting and challenging read for those who love history, with a touch of magic.’ Books for Keeps ‘Dangerous Remedy is the perfect blend of historical head-chopping and fantasy feuding. Throwing together the intrigue of the historical French setting and the glimmer of Dunn’s fantastical alternative imagining, Dangerous Remedy is a thrilling tale of revolutionaries who are on their own side, with a vein of dark romance running through it.’ LD Lapinski, author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency series ‘Dangerous Remedy is a swashbuckling thrill ride of a debut with protagonists who’ll have you on the edge of your seat. This is life or death stuff!’ Catherine Johnson, author of Freedom
  • ‘Sizzling with tension this dazzling story with fantastical twists blends science with magic and power with romance to reach an explosive finale. Frankenstein meets the musketeers. C’est magnifique!’ South Wales Evening Post ‘A gripping adventure of daring escapades and dazzling set-piece scenes. Between these pages you’ll find heart-pounding romance, wit, trickery, danger and a uniquely brilliant kind of magic - all set against the expertly conjured backdrop of revolutionary France. You’ll love it.’ Kesi Lupo, author of We Are Bound by Stars ‘Readers will lose their heads over this blisteringly paced rollercoaster ride through the French Revolution, with lashings of lust, love, sacrifice, betrayal, and horror.’ Mel Salisbury, author of Hold Back The Tide ‘...a fascinating piece of historical fiction with a supernatural twist... Dunn’s cinematic storytelling makes the story zip along, as she combines horror, magic, science, romance and politics to startling effect.’ South China Morning Post ‘What more could you want than the fast-paced, adventure of a ragtag group of flawed, loveable disasters in the French Revolution? A vivid thrill of a book, and highly recommended!’ Tasha Suri, author of Empire of Sand
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About Kat Dunn

 Kat Dunn grew up in London and has lived in Japan, Australia and France. She's written about mental health for Mind and the  Guardian  , worked as a translator for Japanese television and co-hosts the YA podcast YA OUGHTA! Her fiction has been shortlisted for the Mslexia Novel Competition. She lives in London.


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