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Was read to me 3rd February '19

The Day The Crayons Quit
Author: Drew Daywalt Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
This hilarious and creative books tells the story of Duncan's crayons and their revolt against him. Each colour crayon has a complain against the way they have been used by him and write a letter to outline their grievances.
The illustrations are bright and quirky; they complement the story wonderfully and suit the overall tone of the book.
A fair bit of the humour is lost of my 3-year old; my 4-year old understands far more of it and finds it much funnier but I suspect this will only get more so over time. It's probably best suited to ages 4+. I personally found it really amusing!
The ending is great and wraps the story up beautifully. It's a lovely surprise to enjoy but suffice to say that Duncan addresses everyone's issues.
The story itself is charming; it brings up a lot of material to talk about from fairness; equality; airing complaints; how we treat our belongings … there is a lot there to work with from lots of different angles.

Was read to me 3rd February '19

That's Not My Dinosaur
Authors: Fiona Watt , Rachel Wells
This book in the "That's not my" series is one of my daughter's favourites. For all it's maybe getting a little young for her she still really enjoys the format and joins in with the words all the way through. She enjoys the touchy-feely elements and enjoys engaging with the illustrations. Speaking off, the illustrations are charming and follow the usual style of the series. They are bright and appeal to children. It's a quick read but no bad thing as it's a great one to squeeze in between longer books.
This series of books are a wonderful way of engaging children with books and encouraging their interactive; this book is no exception. There is a white mouse to spot on each page which is a great way to promote children's interest for the entirety of the book.

Was read to me 3rd February '19

That's not my unicorn...
Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
My daughter got this book for Christmas and we've read it most days since. She loves unicorns and loves the charming and sparkly illustrations in this delightful book.
The "That's not my" series has been a firm favourite of both my children from being very young and my daughter still engages with them well now. It's a very quick read but she loves to join in with all the words as we go and because of this she is making associations between the verbalised words and graphemes on the page. It's a great book for squeezing in an extra story alongside from longer books and also for her enjoying independently as she knows the story verbatim!
The board book format makes in robust and durable; the size is perfect for little hands and means she is able to enjoy it without an adult help.

Was read to me 3rd February '19

Hairy Maclary's Rumpus At The Vet
Author: Lynley Dodd
My children are huge fans of the Hairy MaClary story and this tale of his chaos-ridden trip to the vets is one of their favourites. The story is straight-forward and easy to follow; it begins in the vets waiting room and the drama that ensues is a snowball effect started off by a mischievous bird...!
The story is told in rhymes so it's a pure joy to read out loud; there's lots of room for being extra expressive due to the content of the tale so it's a really fun one to share - I find it's a great one to entice them when they're feeling lively! The story itself is very funny and has the pair of them giggling like mad throughout. The ending is fab and leaves both kids laughing with their imagination whirring at full speed.
The language and vocabulary are more appropriate for older pre-schoolers but that said I've read these to my kids since being very young toddlers and they have always enjoyed them. I have noticed that the older they get the more they understand the humour and find value in it but I wouldn't be put off reading them to the very young, thanks to accompanying pictures. Not to mention the variety in the vocabulary makes it a great way of exposing them to less common words (like Rumpus for a start!)
The illustrations are gorgeous; they're very charming and lovely to examine. They are evocative and depict the feeling of the story very well. They complement the text and allow even very young children or those with limited receptive language to get the gist of what's going on. Both children like to pour over them and take a lot of pleasure in talking round them amongst themselves - especially to guess or relive what comes next.
The Hairy Maclary series is great; we visit it frequently and Hairy MaClary himself has even become the star of some of their games, inspired by what they have heard in his stories! We highly recommend this riotous romp; it's great fun and abundant with havoc! A must for any child.

Was read to me 2nd February '19

When Sadness Comes to Call
Author: Eva Eland
Repeated review due to a glitch on my phone!