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I read this book 15th December '18

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - Illustrated Edition
Author: Peter Frankopan Illustrator: Neil Packer
I loved this marvellous book and have already read it cover to cover! Reading the book is itself like walking down a historical road. I liked this book particularly as I love history and geography both, however, children who don’t like these subjects would also love the book because of the way it is written. The illustrations are brilliant and beautiful. The book is unique. 

I read this book 10th December '18

The Phoenix comic
I have read three of these and I am addicted. My favourite comic strips are Bunny vs Monkey, Evil Emperor Penguin and Squid Bits. Evil Emperor Penguin is a vicious megalomaniac. The comic strips are bright and colourful. 

I read this book 10th December '18

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown (book 13)
Author: Jeff Kinney
Jeff Kinney’s latest book! How I had been waiting to read it! Greg is my favourite character as always. The book starts in January with a heatwave! The best part was the major snow fight, however, I enjoyed the whole book. 

I read this book 10th December '18

Doctor Who: The Secret in Vault 13
Author: David Solomons
I have not watched Dr Who on TV yet, therefore I didn’t enjoy it as much. The author’s style of writing is good and the story is intriguing throughout. My favourite character is of course Dr Who. I feel that people who have watched the TV program might enjoy it more, however, it is only my opinion. 

I read this book 10th December '18

Head Kid
Author: David Baddiel Illustrator: Steven Lenton
The best part of this book was the humour. The book is hilarious. My favourite characters were Ryan Ward both in his original and body swap form. I liked the ending in particular.