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True Stories of Polar Adventure


True Stories of Polar Adventure Reviews | Toppsta

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Guarded by frozen seas and vast fields of snow and ice, the North and South Poles are no place for humans, as the explorers who set out to unearth their secrets found out... Part of the Usborne Young Reading series, this book is ideal for newly independent readers who prefer fact to fiction. Includes links to websites to find out more.

True Stories of Polar Adventure Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 4 in the Young Reading Series 4 Series. See all Young Reading Series 4 books here.

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7th December '18
ChildGenius read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
True Stories of Polar Adventure 9781474948135
5 stars
After reading other books by this author, I loved reading this book and finished it in one day. The true stories about Scott, Shakleton, Peary and Scott are gripping!
My favourite story was one about Shackleton. The first line of the book is - If you have a globe, spin it around. 
The book starts with an introduction of both the North and the South poles. 
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Paul Dowswell is a prize-winning author of historical fiction and non-fiction. A former senior editor with Usborne Publishing, he has written over 60 books, including for Bloomsbury the acclaimed Auslander. Away from work he enjoys travelling with his family, and playing with his band in the clubs and pubs of the West Midlands....

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