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I read this book 18th January '19

The Restless Girls: A dazzling, feminist fairytale from the bestselling author of The Miniaturist
Author: Jessie Burton Illustrator: Angela Barrett
This is an extremely feminist fairytale. It is about twelve young daughters , who , after their mothers death have all responsibilities taken away from them. The eldest daughter, Frida, will not go down without a fight and she and her sisters fight for their rights.
My favourite character in this book is Frida because she encourages her sisters to do the right thing. She also has very strong ambitions. I would definitely recommend this book.

I read this book 1st January '19

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - Illustrated Edition
Author: Peter Frankopan Illustrator: Neil Packer
This book is educational and entertaining. It takes you through a journey of history, right from the beginning. The illustrations are amazing and have so much detail and colour.
My favourite part of the book was learning about Attila the Hun and his gang. They were bloodthirsty and ruthless.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves to learn.

I read this book 1st January '19

The Haven: Book 1
Author: Simon Lelic
I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a thrilling adventure story.
One night, Ollie Turner is snatched right from his bed. Even though he now has nowhere to go, there is always the Haven...
This book was really exciting to read and I couldn't wait to get to the end to find out what happened! I think this book is suitable for age 10 and above. 

I read this book 9th December '18

The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods
Author: Samuel J. Halpin Illustrator: Hannah Peck
I really loved this book! It's about a girl called Poppy who goes to visit her grandmother and falls into a world of mystery and friendship. Will she she be able to save all the children in her grandmother's town before it's too late?

This book is quite scary in places, but also an exciting read. My favourite character was Erasmus because he was clever and had a good memory.

Fans of Harry Potter would love this book! 

I read this book 9th December '18

Get Coding 2! Build Five Computer Games Using HTML and JavaScript
Author: David Whitney Illustrator: Duncan Beedie
I just started learning coding at school this term so  I was very excited to win this book. I found this book really easy to use. The instructions  were clear, although at first I asked my mum to go through it with me until I felt confident that I knew what I was doing! I was so excited when I made my first game: naughts and crosses. I told my friends how great this book is and now they want to buy it!