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A boy, a runaway alien and football - laugh-out-loud funny for ages 7-10! (With an hilarious twist!) From the international bestselling author of The Secret Lake.

Eleven-year-old Charlie Spruit can't believe his luck when he opens his door to an alien one morning. Who is he? Why has he come? Charlie soon discovers that this alien has run away from space to Earth to be with him because he's soccer mad and the World Cup is on...!
'Eeek, ' as Charlie decides to call him, takes up secret residence in Charlie's bedroom where he sleeps on the ceiling by night and pores over Charlie's football magazines and stickers by day. All is going surprisingly well until slimy sci-fi mad Sid Spiker, who lives out the back, spots Eeek through his telescope. Sid has his own plans for this alien, which bring surprises that no-one could have imagined...
Praise for Eeek!
Eeek! has been praised by teachers, librarians, reading charities and parents as a great chapter book for keen and reluctant readers alike, and several UK schools have adopted it for Year 3 class readers or children's books clubs. In fact, one London primary school book club voted it favourite read three years in a row! It was also used in the 'Get London Reading' campaign.
If you're looking for a funny chapter book for boys and girls ages 7-10 that combines humour, adventure, aliens and sport you're in the right place!

Eeek! The Runaway Alien Reviews | Toppsta


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Karen Inglis lives in London, not far from Richmond Park. She has been writing ever since she was little and still has a box of her secret diaries hidden in a cupboard somewhere. She has two boys (now grown up) who inspired her to start writing for children. She also writes for business but has much more fun making up stories!

Karen is a big dreamer and t

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