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Karen Inglis lives in London, not far from Richmond Park. She has been writing ever since she was little and still has a box of her secret diaries hidden in a cupboard somewhere. She has two boys (now grown up) who inspired her to start writing for children. She also writes for business but has much more fun making up stories!

Karen is a big dreamer and thinker and loves taking her readers into worlds where literally anything can happen... like magical time tunnels that take you to meet children in the past, or soccer-mad aliens zooming down from space to hide in your bedroom and watch the World Cup, or library books that suck you down into the story! Oh, and not to mention magician’s hats and cats with special powers! 

She has been praised by parents, teachers, librarians and reading charities for writing fun, fast-paced books that keep young readers turning the pages. She loves going into schools and meeting her readers, so just ask your school to contact her if you’d like a visit!

Fun facts…
The idea for The Secret Lake came about when Karen visited the communal gardens in London’s Notting Hill. As she watched the children playing there, she couldn’t help wondering what it would be like if they could meet the children who had played there 100 years earlier…

Karen wrote Eeek! The Runaway Alien because her nine-year-old son was always too busy playing football to pick up a book – the soccer-mad alien finally got him reading! Eeek! has since been used in the Get London Reading campaign and was voted favourite book club read three years in a row by Year 3 boys and girls in a Surrey Primary School. It continues to be a big hit with 7-10 year-olds at school visits!

Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep is based on the true story of a fox that once fell asleep in Karen’s garden!
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