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Beautifully illustrated, this gentle story and activity book for ages 4-8 invites children to share how they are feeling - whether happy, sad or somewhere in between, through conversation, drawings or writing. Includes links to a download poster of the Tell-Me Tree for use at home or in the classroom, tips and templates to help children draw their own tree, and links to resources for grown-ups.

A book that can be used again and again by parents, teachers and care givers, The Tell-Me Tree helps encourage discussion of feelings with friends, family and trusted grown-ups in a natural way.
Written by the bestselling author of The Secret Lake, Karen Inglis. Stunning hand-drawn pen and ink illustrations by Anne Swift.

The Tell-Me Tree Reviews | Toppsta


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About Karen Inglis

Karen Inglis lives in London, not far from Richmond Park. She has been writing ever since she was little and still has a box of her secret diaries hidden in a cupboard somewhere. She has two boys (now grown up) who inspired her to start writing for children. She also writes for business but has much more fun making up stories!

Karen is a big dreamer and t

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