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I read this book 15th January '19

The Dog Who Saved the World
Author: Ross Welford
This is such a good story. It's told by Georgie, the main character. Like me she has always wanted a dog. She gets a dog she calls Mr Mash but has to return him to the shelter when she realises her step mum is allerhic to dogs. On a walk with her dog and her best friend Ramzy, they meet a scientist called Dr Pretorius. She asks them to come try an experiment she is working on. At the same time, there is news of a canine virus that is deadly. Georgie is desperate to save Mr Mash and her friend. I did not want to put it down! It was really good. 

Was read to me 9th January '19

Jellybeans for Giants
Authors: Adam Guillain , Charlotte Guillain Illustrator: Lee Wildish
The children seem still as fond of picture books now as when they were younger, so i was delighted they both really enjoyed this interesting reimagining of Jack and the Beanstalk. George wants to find a giant, so plants his jellybeans. They turn into a beanstalk which he climbs. He finds many more interesting creatures besides on his adventure. A lovely rhyming story book full of colourful illustrations. They quite liked the look of the other ones in the series too! 

I read this book 9th January '19

Author: Aaron Becker Illustrator: Aaron Becker
My mum chose this book for me from the library. I really liked it. There aren't any words so it's more like a comic. The illustrations are really good and you have to use your imagination to tell the story which i really enjoyed. I really like the fact the children in the story can draw things that come to life. My favourite was when the children drew a rhinoceros so they could ride on its back. A really good book. 

I read this book 3rd January '19

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - Illustrated Edition
Author: Peter Frankopan Illustrator: Neil Packer
I love this book! I love history but i was really excited to recieve this book because my dad had read the grown up version of this book on the train to work and would tell me stuff he'd read so it was so good to read this edition together. It's a look at history from early civilisation to very modern history and it's really interesting to see how allegiances between the usual super powers change throughout history. I loved looking at the different maps. My favourite illustration was of the charge of the light brigade. My mum read about Emmeline Pankhurst with me which was great too. I would recommend this book. It's really good. 

I read this book 10th December '18

Mary Poppins: Illustrated Gift Edition
Author: P. L. Travers Illustrator: Lauren Child
I was really excited to read this book. My sister and i watched the movie recently and loved it. I read this book to my sister. As there are seven stories, i could easily read her a chapter at bedtime. We both loved the stories and the characters and the fantastic illustrations. They are bold and colourful and fill the pages. I really enjoyed reading the foreword by the illustrator too. I liked how she described why she drew her pictures for the book the way she did. I think that children aged 7 onwards would enjoy reading this. We did!