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I read this book 12th January '19

The Haven: Book 1
Author: Simon Lelic
Me and my mum have loved this book, we have read it aloud to each other each night and we knew in the first few pages it would be a book we would both enjoy.

The Haven is a place for kids, run by kids and these kids are good, they want to help other children like them.  This book has a lot in common with Oliver Twist but at the same time is completely different.  The biggest similarity are the names, Ollie and Dodge, Fagin, Sikes and Bullseye all appear in Haven but not as the characters we knew in Oliver.
This book is going to be big.  It's exitinv, it's full of danger  and its really enjoyable.  I'd recommend this book to children in year 6 and up, and grown ups  (as my mum loved it too).

I read this book 4th January '19

Opposite of Always
Author: Justin Reynolds
Opposite of always is quite a grown up book and it took me a while to get into.  I ended up reading it with mum where we took it in turns to read chapters out loud. 

Without giving to much away this book is a story of love and friendship with a major dilemma thrown in.  As you read you follow Jack a 17 year old boy, trying to find which is the right path to take and you get to see how his decisions affect the people close to him (Kate, Franny and Jillian). 

I felt many emotions reading this book and I enjoyed reading it.  I was very happy to receive a proof copy to read and review. 

I read this book 8th December '18

The Night I Met Father Christmas
Author: Ben Miller Illustrator: Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini
I love this book! It has made me feel so Christmassy and happy.  It is based on the story of a Christmas Carol but with a magical twist.  I hope they make it into a film.

The story was really good and the illustrations were amazing.  I think that I will end up reading this book next Christmas and the year after and the year after that.

I think that all ages of children will love this book and grown ups too my mum loved it as much as me. 

I read this book 19th November '18

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - The Original Screenplay
Author: J. K. Rowling
I absolutely love the Harry Potter world. The books and the movies even the Lego so I couldn't wait for this book to come out. I just wish it was written like the Harry Potter books not as a play. 

I liked reading this book and I won't give away any secrets bit some of it didn't make sense to me. I'm sure that when I see the movie I'll understand it all though. I really enjoyed getting to know more about Newt and finding out bits about what young Dumbledore was like. 

I read this book really quickly because it isn't that long and there aren't to many words on a page and I loved the illustrations at the beginning of each scene. 

I read this book 16th November '18

Mistletoe and Murder: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery
Author: Robin Stevens
I've loved all of the series so far and this book was just as good as the first one. 

In Mistletoe and Murder itsc1935 and Hazel and Daisy are staying in Cambridge at an Aunties house when a few days before Christmas there is an accident or more likely a murder... 

The girls have to race to find the culprit, when there are so many suspects and they want to be the first to solve the mystery.

I found this book took me a few chapters to get into it but then it was impossible to put down, I just wanted to find out who did it. 

I recommend these books to anyone age 9 and above.