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Roald Dahls Completely Revolting Recipes


Roald Dahls Completely Revolting Recipes Reviews | Toppsta

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'Nose-Bags On!' 'Grub's UP!' A gloriumptious collection of favourite Roald Dahl recipes is here! 50 recipes in a delicious new format - from glumptious Green Pea Soup and wondercrump Wormy Spaghetti, to scrumdiddlyumptious Scrambled Dregs and bellypopping Butterscotch. No Roald Dahl fan will want to be without this delumptious book.

Roald Dahls Completely Revolting Recipes Reviews | Toppsta


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27th July '16
I read it myself (an adult) & to Belllboo aged 9 aged 9
Roald Dahls Completely Revolting Recipes 9780224083423
5 stars
I got this book today and love it.  Me and my mum read lots of it on the beach, we read the recipes and took turns reading the pages from the books.  Some of the recipies are truly revolting and others sound really good.  We had the twits wormy spaghetti for dinner and When my mum goes shopping she is going to get the ingredience to make some of the sweet recipes.
This is a brilliant book for anyone who loves Roald Dahl and good for grown ups too.  My mum remembers reading a copy of the recipes when she was younger and she made Bruce Bigtrotters Chocolate cake.
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Roald Dahl is one of the world’s greatest children’s book authors. Born in Wales in 1916 to Norwegian parents, he was a mischievous child and was always in trouble at school.

His dark, unsentimental stories are said to have been influenced by several tragedies during his lifetime. When he was just three, his sister and father...

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