World Kitchen: A Children's Cookbook
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World Kitchen: A Children's Cookbook


World Kitchen: A Children's Cookbook Reviews | Toppsta

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This heartfelt book features a unique collection of recipes contributed by families from around the world. Each recipe has an introduction featuring the family who contributed it, and simple, step-by-step instructions, all illustrated in a bold, graphic-novel style by Chaaya Prabhat. From good old U.S. chocolate chip cookies (courtesy of Marlee from Philadelphia) to Ugandan 'rolled eggs' (from Jacob and his uncle Senti), each recipe brings authentic international flavours and stories to your table. With additional fascinating facts about regional traditions, cooking equipment and ingredients. All the recipes are vegetarian, and instructions are also included to make them vegan, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free - or any combination of these.

World Kitchen: A Children's Cookbook Reviews | Toppsta


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About Chaaya Prabhat

Giovanna Alessio (Author)
Giovanna Alessio has been traveling and writing about the world for 20 years and has been published in numerous international magazines and newspapers. The way fashion differs from culture to culture is a particular fascination. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, where self-expression through clothing continues to thrive.


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