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I read this book 12th May '18

A Chase In Time
Author: Sally Nicholls Illustrator: Brett Helquist
A Chase in Time is a simple but fun story. Where two children are sent back through time through a magic mirror and have an adventure with some of their ancestors.

I liked reading this story and it was a simple and easy read. Children age 7 and above will enjoy this story, which was a bit young for me. 

I read this book 12th May '18

A Far Away Magic
Author: Amy Wilson
I loved reading A Far Away Magic. 
I really liked the characters Bavar and Angel, I really liked the excitement in the story and I loved to hate the people eating monsters the Ravsasa. 

This book was epic and everyone should read it. 

I read this book 30th April '18

Boy Underwater
Author: Adam Baron
Boy Underwater is an emotional book, it's funny and it's sad and it deals with quite few big issues.  
Cymbeline is in year 4 his birthday is coming up and he can't wait to celebrate with his Mum and best friend.  But his Mum gets poorly and has to go to a special hospital, he argues with his best friend, his aunt and uncle split up and his world is all wrong.

I really enjoyed reading this book even though its about younger child and think boys and girls age 9+ will enjoy reading it. 

I read this book 29th April '18

The Skylarks' War
Author: Hilary McKay
I really liked The Skylarks War it's about Clarry, Peter and their cousin Rupert growing up during World War 1.

The beginning of the story is based on the wonderful summers the children had in Cornwall but as time moves on the world changes and the children have to grow up. 

My mum read it to me and my brother so we could enjoy the story together.  I am glad she did as the story can be quite slow in parts and it would have taken me a long time to read it by myself.  Reading it together enabled me to really enjoy the story. There are sad parts, scary parts and also funny bits too.

I read this book 25th April '18

Kat Wolfe Investigates
Author: Lauren St John
I have really enjoyed reading Kat Wolf investigates, I have loved the suspense. I really like the characters of Kat and Harper and think they make a great team.  I hope that this book is turned into a series and I would love to read more of their adventures. 

This is a great 9+ age book for girls and boys.