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I read this book 31st July '18

Lucky Break
Author: Rob Stevens
The book tells you nothing about this book, so I was a bit put off at first but then I got into it. 
This book is about a boy called Leon who's twin brother dies yet creates a friendship with the new boy called Arnold.  They then go on to have an epic adventure, this book is a great story, it's happy and sad and everything in between. 

I read this book 6th July '18

Ash Princess
Author: Laura Sebastian
Ash Princess is an EPIC book.  My mum actually read it first and knew I would love it so she gave me a copy to read. 

This book is exiting and dangerous and fun, it's a fantasy book and set in a different world.  I loved every minute of it and the characters are fantastic.  I can't wait till book 2.

This book is great for readers 11+ 

I read this book 6th July '18

Honeydukes: A Scratch and Sniff Adventure
Author: Daphne Pendergrass
I love this book! It's really quick and easy to read and it's so much fun.
I loved smelling the peppermint toads, Droolballs and Pumpkin pasty pages, not so sure on the vomit and ear wax jelly beans and a few of the others. 
This book is a fun book to add to my collection and all Harry Potter mad people will love it. 

I read this book 12th May '18

A Chase In Time
Author: Sally Nicholls Illustrator: Brett Helquist
A Chase in Time is a simple but fun story. Where two children are sent back through time through a magic mirror and have an adventure with some of their ancestors.

I liked reading this story and it was a simple and easy read. Children age 7 and above will enjoy this story, which was a bit young for me. 

I read this book 12th May '18

A Far Away Magic
Author: Amy Wilson
I loved reading A Far Away Magic. 
I really liked the characters Bavar and Angel, I really liked the excitement in the story and I loved to hate the people eating monsters the Ravsasa. 

This book was epic and everyone should read it.