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I read this book 10th March '18

The Company of Eight
Author: Harriet Whitehorn
Company of Eight is fun and exiting and about an epic adventure. I really like the main person Cass, she is really brave. 
I think this book will be really popular and both boys and girls will love it. 

I read this book 8th March '18

Author: Padraig Kenny
Tin is about a group of robots and a girl who's friend gets kidnapped and they try and save him.  
In some places this book got a little bit confusing because it had details of magic and glyphs and how the robots work but I liked the characters and it's very exiting. 

I read this book 27th February '18

Author: Sally Christie
Bellboo didn't massively enjoy this book. I think that perhaps she was a little young to see the 13 year old perspective. The premise of the fairy woods was exiting but the book didn't live up to the standard she was expecting. Although she really liked the two main characters Matt and Jazzy and loved Dasher the dog. 

I read this book 24th February '18

The Hippo at the End of the Hall
Author: Helen Cooper
When I first read the title to this book 'The Hippo at the end of the hall' I thought it might be a bit babyish but the blurb on the back sounded really good so I thought I would try reading it.  
It wasn't babyish at all it was fun and exiting and really interesting too. Ben was really brave and I loved the animals especially the Hippo and the owl. 
I also really like the pictures in this book, they are fun and detailed and sketchy.
I really enjoyed this book and think that it will be really popular. 

I read this book 23rd February '18

The Goose Road
Author: Rowena House
The Goose Road wasn't the easiest book to read because it makes you feel so many emotions but it is really, really good. It is set at 1916 during world war one in France and is about a family who own a farm but they nearly loose it. This book is about the journey  Angelique goes on to save her farm and to honour her mother and brother.

I found the book really good, it had some scary bits, some sad bits and some happy bits too.  I think girls and boys age 10 and above will enjoy this story.