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I read this book 6th December '18

Who Owns These Bones?
Author: Cap Henri
My son picked this book out from the library, and was absorbed reading it. The book is a beautifully designed large hardback that is full of everything you could ever want to know about .... skeletons! 

The book begins with information on how bones evolved and some basic facts before moving on to more in-depth details on internal and external skeletons, skulls, antlers, how bones work etc. Information is conveyed using simple, effective and stylised drawings. Facts are presented in short paragraphs and there are plenty of lift the flaps that kept my son interested and engaged. 

This is quite an unusual book, and one that is definitely going on to our wish list as much son does not want to take this back to the library!

I read this book 30th November '18

Invention and Discovery
Author: Claire Hawcock
I bought this for my son a while ago and put it on our bookshelves. Recently he discovered it for himself, and was absorbed in it for a number of hours over several days. The book covers five historical inventions that have changed the way people understand the way the world works. As well as lots of detailed information on each and drawings, there is a cardboard module of each that can be slotted together (with no need for glue or scissors). My son was able to create them all without any supervision, and was absorbed in each and every model. This book creates a great hands on way in which to learn about these inventions. After the models have been built you are left with a great, sturdy non-fiction reference book. Would definitely recommend for any child that is in to model making.

Was read to me 30th November '18

Politics for Beginners
Authors: Alex Frith , Rosie Hore , Louie Stowell Illustrator: Kellan Stover
My son has taken an interest in Politics, and knows something of current national and international politics. However his opinions are based on what he hears at home and in the playground and might sometimes be a repetition of what he has heard. I want him to form his own opinions and know why he believes them , and this is the perfect book to help him do that. It provides a history of politics, different political systems and some of the big questions in politics. This book takes what many believe to be a dry subject and brings it to life with engagement graphics and short explanatory paragraphs. This is one of those books that can both educate a child AND an adult reading it. It is a great book to read together as it sparks many interesting conversations! 

Was read to me 28th November '18

Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different
Author: Ben Brooks Illustrator: Quinton Winter
Sportsmen, scientists, musicians, writers, politicians and artists across the ages all feature in this book of inspiring men who have achieved extraordinary things. With 100 examples of human endeavour, there will certainly be someone in this book that will provide an inspiring example for a child.

This is a book that can be returned to again and again, and I would assume make a great reference book for school projects. 

Was read to me 23rd November '18

Maps of the United Kingdom
Authors: Rachel Dixon , Livi Gosling
A good sturdy book, it includes a dedicated two pages to every county in the United Kingdom.  Each map is filled with facts about the geography, history, nature and people associated with the county.  It's not a book to read in one sitting, or even necessarily to read from start to finish, but one which will make a good reference guide for school projects. The pages do seem rather 'crammed' with short snippets of facts, and it is a little bit 'busy' for my two children. The shortnest of each section made it difficult to hold their attention, and the large amount of text and pictures on each page made it a bit overwhelming. It is a great book, and might suit other children better - and it certainly is a useful guide to find out more about our country.