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I read this book 5th March '19

Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales: Level 8: How Anansi Got His Stories
Authors: Trish Cooke , Nikki Gamble , Pam Dowson Illustrator: Anna Violet
Anansi is a spider who really likes stories. Nyame tells all the stories but Anansi says he wants to be King of Stories and wants everyone to listen to him. Nyame says he can have all the stories if he brings him three things. He has to bring the Hornets, Leopard and Snake. Anansi tries really hard to get all the animals. He is really clever and has lots of ideas to catch them. I really liked this book because it was very interesting. I liked all the pictures of the animals.

I read this book 5th March '19

Oxford Reading Tree: Level 8: More Stories: Save Floppy!
Author: Roderick Hunt
This is the second part of an adventure. In the first adventure Floppy was taken by a giant bird because a bad genie had escaped from a bottle. In this book Biff and Chip go back to rescue Floppy. They see Hassan and Kamar again and Kamar helps them to find Floppy. They also meet the evil genie again. This book is great. I really liked the story because it was very exciting. I liked all the pictures too.

Was read to me 26th February '19

Safari Pug
Author: Laura James
We really enjoy reading books in the 'Pug' series and had to get this one when we saw it. In this story Pug the dog and his owner Lady Miranda are off on Safari. Hoping to make Pug a little braver and face his fears they head off to the local Wildlife Park to meet a real lion. Whenever Pug and Lady Miranda go out for the day it always turns into an exciting adventure and their Safari trip is no different. They meet a few different wild animals and even a celebrity. This is a great book with a fun story and some fantastic illustrations. We will definitely be reading more of Pug's adventure stories. 

I read this book 13th February '19

Oxford Reading Tree: Level 7: More Stories B: The Riddle Stone Part One
Author: Roderick Hunt
We really enjoy reading books from the Oxford Reading Tree series. They are great at helping young children to steadily develop their reading skills. The different levels help children increase their vocabulary and confidence. By Stage 7 the stories are longer and more in depth with trickier words. In this story Dad finds an old stone with writing on under the floorboards. Biff and Chip keep the stone and with the help of their friend Hong and his grandad they translate the Chinese writing on it. Biff, Chip and Hong then go on an adventure using the magic key. Their journey is full of riddles and they have to solve them to continue further in their adventure. This is a very interesting book with some great riddles and colourful pictures. We can't wait to find out what happens in part 2 of the adventure.

Was read to me 13th February '19

64 Zoo Lane: Snowbert The Polar Bear
Author: An Vrombaut
This is a lovely book about a very sweet Polar Bear. Snowbert (of 64 Zoo Lane fame) is a lonely Polar Bear. He has no friends to play with so has to play dominoes on his own and has no one to show his wonderful ice sculptures to. Then one day a seal appears from a hole in the ice where Snowbert lives. The seal is called Sidney and Snowbert and Sidney become good friends. They play dominoes together and have great fun. One day Snowbert can't find the seal and he starts to worry that he may have lost his friend but then something exciting happens. We really enjoyed this book and the lovely characters in it. We definitely recommend it.