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I read this book 16th January '19

You Can't Eat a Princess!
Author: Gillian Rogerson Illustrator: Sarah McIntyre
This is a good book. Princess Spaghetti lives with her dad called King Cupcake. One day Princess Spaghetti was having a party but she couldn't find King Cupcake. On his throne she found a note and it said that he had been taken by someone from another planet. Princess Spaghetti goes in a space rocket to find King Cupcake. She has a great adventure in space and lots of fun with some hungry aliens. I liked all the pictures of food. They were great.

I read this book 13th January '19

Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales: Level 6: Yoshi the Stonecutter
Authors: Becca Heddle , Nikki Gamble , Pam Dowson Illustrator: Meg Hunt
This is a good book. Yoshi is the main character and he is a Stonecutter. Every time Yoshi meets someone new he wants to change into them. First he changes into a rich man and then he changes into a Prince and then the sun. Yoshi keeps changing until he is happy again. I like the pictures in the book because they are very colourful. The story is exciting too.

Was read to me 12th January '19

The Sea Saw
Author: Tom Percival
This is a wonderful book with a lovely message. The story follows Sofia, her father and a very special bear. When Sofia and her father go to the beach they have a wonderful day. They have lots of food, fun and enjoy the lovely weather until a storm appears. In their hurry to escape the wind and rain Sofia's bear is lost and when she realises she is very sad indeed. Try as they might they cannot find the bear anywhere but luckily the sea saw what happened and tries its best to help. This is a very sweet book with a lot of underlying emotion. The bear is a very special bear to Sofia's family and I think a lot of children and adults alike will relate to this. The book itself has some lovely illustrations and is definitely one to treasure. We loved the ending but it may just bring a tear to your eye.

I read this book 4th January '19

Oxford Reading Tree Biff Chip and Kipper Stories: Level 6 More Stories A: Mirror Island
Author: Roderick Hunt Illustrator: Mr. Alex Brychta
This book was really funny because there was some mirror writing. Chip had a mirror and he wrote Chip in mirror writing. It was very clever and when Chip finished Wilf and Wilma came over. Then Biff wanted to do some mirror writing but the magic key began to glow. The key took them to an island and they had an exciting adventure there. I really liked all the pictures in this book. 

Was read to me 4th January '19

Captain Cat and the Treasure Map
Author: Sue Mongredien Illustrator: Kate Pankhurst
This is a funny adventure book about a cat, parrot and monkey. Patch is the cat, Cutlass is the parrot and Monty is the Monkey. They belong to the Golden Earring Crew which includes the pirates Captain Halibut, Cannonball, Butch and Ginger. They are in a race with the Black Heart Crew to reach the treasure first but the animals are trying to stop the Golden Earring Crew because the treasure is said to be cursed and may lead to certain death. There are some great black and white pencil drawings in the book and some very funny jokes and songs. We all really enjoyed reading this book together and it made us laugh a lot. We  especially like pirate stories and are very excited to read the sequel when it comes out.