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I read this book 4th December '18

Ten Little Pirates
Author: Mike Brownlow Illustrator: Simon Rickerty
I liked this book a lot and it made me laugh. In the book there were Ten Little Pirates and it was very funny because there was one less each time something happened. I liked the rhyming words and the funny pictures. I also liked making all the sounds like Zap and Arrrrrr and Squawk. I like these books and want to read Ten Little Elves next.

I read this book 4th December '18

Hey, who's in the loo?
Author: Harmen van Straaten
I really liked this book. There was a bear who needed the loo but the door was shut because there was someone in there. Then a pig needed the loo as well and then an elephant. There were lots of animals who needed the loo. I liked the pictures of all the animals and my favourite animal was the monkey. The book was very funny.

I read this book 24th November '18

Hungry Hen
Author: Richard Waring Illustrator: Caroline Jayne Church
I liked the book because it was very funny. There is a hen and she ate lots and lots and the fox wanted to eat her. He waited and waited and then he grew thinner and thinner because he was so hungry. Then he ran as fast as he could down the hill and he crashed through the window of the hen's house. The ending was very funny. The pictures were brilliant.

I read this book 24th November '18

Peppa Pig: Peppa Meets Father Christmas
Author: Peppa Pig
I really liked this book. It is about Peppa Pig and Father Christmas. Peppa meets Father Christmas at the supermarket and she said 'will you come to our Christmas play?' Peppa and her friends are in a Christmas play and Peppa is going to be the Christmas Fairy. I liked the colourful pictures in the book. The front cover is very green and glittery. It looks great.

I read this book 15th November '18

Be Good Gordon
Author: Angela McAllister Illustrators: Tim Archbold , Tim Archibold
I really liked this book because it was really funny. Gordon has a babysitter every Tuesday because his mummy and daddy have to go out. The babysitter is called Lily Jigg-Popsicle and she is naughty. She woke up Gordon when he was trying to get to sleep. She also jumped on his bed and broke it and she jumped onto Gordon's cupboard. Gordon and Lily stayed awake at bedtime and got muddy outside. I liked this book and the pictures.