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I read this book 12th June '18

Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales: Level 4: The Foolish Fox
Authors: Alison Hawes , Nikki Gamble , Thelma Page Illustrator: Matte Stephens
This is a great book for young readers who are starting to build their confidence and their vocabulary. The story is based on the familiar tale of the lazy fox. In this version fox has some land to farm but he cannot be bothered to do it so enlists the help of some sheep to do his work for him. The book has some fun and colourful illustrations along with tips for getting the most out of the story. There is also a handy picture map at the end to help children remember the tale and further discuss it. We really enjoyed this book.

I read this book 5th June '18

Oxford Reading Tree: Level 4: More Songbirds Phonics: The Red Man and the Green Man
Author: Julia Donaldson
This is a great educational book for younger readers but it also has a very fun and interesting story. There are tips at the front of the book for parents to help encourage children to sound out words and there is more guidance at the back of the book aimed at practising and perfecting the challenging phonics. We really enjoyed this story and loved the idea of the green man and red man going on holiday together and having their own adventures outside of their normal environment. A great book with some fantastic and colourful illustrations.

I read this book 26th May '18

Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds Phonics: Level 4: The Snake and the Drake
Author: Julia Donaldson
This is a lovely short story. As part of the Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds series it is perfect for those learning to read and for young readers trying to improve their vocabulary. There are lots of tips on how best to read the story and discuss it together as well as tips on practising the phonics covered in the text. As a Stage 4 book the sentences are slightly longer and the vocabulary and sounds slightly more complex. The story itself is entertaining and there are some colourful illustrations. We enjoyed this book.

I read this book 26th May '18

Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales: Level 4: Tom, Dad and Colin
Authors: Jan Burchett , Nikki Gamble , Thelma Page Illustrator: Tony Ross
This is a fun take on a familiar tale. Tom, Dad and Colin (the donkey) set off for town. As they go along on their journey lots of strangers offer advice or tell them how best to travel. Unfortunately with everyone telling them to do something different it doesn't end very well. This is a funny book and it has some great illustrations. We love Tony Ross's illustrative style and have read his books before. The book itself has lots of tips for young readers and their parents to help get the most out of the story. There is also a story map at the end to help recap the tale and help young readers further discuss the story.

I read this book 26th May '18

Author: Matt Carr Illustrator: Matt Carr
This is an amazing book. We are already fans of Matt Carr and love his book 'Spyder' so we were especially pleased to read this together. Pat the bat really wants to be a superhero and tries to think about what his superhero powers could be. Unfortunately whenever he thinks of a special skill such as flying all the other bats can all do it too. However one day when a real superhero is needed to save the day Pat the bat steps up to help. We loved this book and found it funny and very exciting. There are some amazing illustrations and at the end you can find out lots of cool facts about bats. We would highly recommend reading both Superbat and Spyder. They're great!