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Was read to me 22nd April '18

Brian the Lion Goes into Space
Author: Tracey Radford
Brian the Lion is bored with his life and longs to go into space. One day his friends help him on his mission to the stars and off he goes. He finds amazing creatures and food whilst on his magical journeys but something isn't quite right. Brian starts to realise that maybe his life isn't boring back home and he even starts to miss his friends. This is a wonderful book with a big dose of imagination. The story is fantastic and the rhyming text makes it easy and fun to read. We especially liked the blue gnomes and all had a guess at what they were really saying. We loved the illustrations which are really pictures of cardboard model animals and sets. The cardboard characters looked brilliant and it was great to find details of a book and website that could help you make your own versions. A great book with a lovely message.

Was read to me 17th April '18

Queen Miffy
Author: Dick Bruna
This is a lovely book in the Miffy series. This time Miffy goes to bed and has a wonderful dream that she is the Queen of Rabbits. Miffy loves being Queen and wears a golden crown. She writes and waves to her loyal subjects. She also cuts ribbons and lives in a palace. We really enjoyed this story, the rhyming sentences and the simple, wonderful illustrations. A very sweet story that we would recommend.

I read this book 17th April '18

Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds Phonics: Level 3: Gran is Cross
Author: Julia Donaldson
This is a great book from the Oxford Reading Tree series. The story is about twins who go to visit their Gran for the day. Unfortunately whilst they are there lots of things go wrong and Gran starts to get cross. The book has some great characters and illustrations (we especially liked the cat called Spot). The story has fairly short sentences and is aimed at young readers who are starting to increase their vocabulary range. A lovely read.

Was read to me 11th April '18

Author: Steve Antony
Blip is a little robot who loves being plugged into her computer. She likes all the different things to do on the computer and could stay on it all day (and often does). One day when there is a power cut Blip literally stumbles outside and encounters a whole new world. Will she be able to find anything exciting to do outside or will Blip want to go back inside to her computer? We really enjoyed reading this book and I think parents and children alike will identify with its key message. It can be easy for everyone to get tangled up in electronics and forget what it's like outside and what fun can be had. We especially liked the juxtaposition of black and white pages when inside and the colour pages when outside. A wonderful book that is great fun to read.

Was read to me 10th April '18

Authors: Nick Sharratt , Elizabeth Lindsay Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
We are already big fans of Nick Sharratt's illustrations and love so many of the other books he has illustrated. This book is no exception. There are so many fantastic and colourful socks throughout this story and we giggled at all the amazing sock related words. We loved the repetitive, rhyming text and laughed at the substitution of socks for ordinary and not so ordinary objects. Think sock planes, trains and submarines. This book really is hilarious and we would definitely recommend it.