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Was read to me 19th March '19

Claude Best in Show: World Book Day 2019
Author: Alex T. Smith
This is another funny Claude book in a perfect size for a quick story. Claude sees a poster for a dog show one day and gets very excited - but he doesn't have a pet dog, what can he do? He and Sir Bobblysock come up with a plan so they can take part. All the other dogs seem to win medals but maybe something will happen where Claude and Sir Bobblysock will show how great they are. We love Alex T Smith's illustrations, they are so fun and appealing to look at. A great choice for your World Book Day token.

Was read to me 19th March '19

Looshkin: The Adventures of the Maddest Cat in the World: The Phoenix Presents
Author: Jamie Smart
This is a comic book with Looshkin from the Phoenix. It's very funny and weird. The funniest bit is when it says Chapter 3,592 can I use your toilet? The best story is Jeff's photocopying services because of the wizard and what Looshkin says to the wizard. I think other children will like this book because it's funny. It makes me laugh a lot.

Was read to me 5th March '19

Splash Day!
Author: Nick Sharratt Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
This is a lovely and fun book based on a real life event that takes places at a school every year where all the teachers and pupils have a big water fight. We love Nick Sharratt's clear and colourful illustrations, they are really appealing. The story is simple but engaging and it's a great book for early or reluctant readers. Children feel like they are reading a more grown up book without getting overwhelmed. The story is told in prose but there is a rhyming element which is fun to read too. The illustrations are inclusive and representative of children in the UK.

Was read to me 18th February '19

The Ancient Egyptians
Author: Fiona MacDonald
We decided to learn about the Ancient Egyptians and found this book in the library. It's a great mix of information and activities to bring learning to life. My 6 year old has found the amount of information on each spread to be a good amount, he hasn't got bored or overwhelmed but at the same time it has a good amount of detail. The activities include things like making a name plaque with hieroglyphs, an Egyptian collar and a pyramid. There are lots of photos to illustrate the information, as well as in the instructions for the activities. Great for this age group and a good one if you are home educating.

Was read to me 18th February '19

Look Inside a Hospital
Author: Katie Daynes Illustrator: Stefano Tognetti
Another great and informative book from Usborne, this time about hospitals. My 6 year old has been interested in hospitals since his dad had an accident recently and had to stay overnight, he has also got into watching Operation Ouch. This book explains lots about hospitals and what happens in them without being too overwhelming with information. We love the lift the flap format as my son still loves flap books so finding an age appropriate one (especially about something he is interested in) is brilliant. The book takes you through different aspects of being in a hospital, different wards and why you might be on them, with lots of little extra bits of information under the flaps. A really good book for 5-8 year olds, I really must look at more of this series! The illustrations are very appealing without being really gory or graphic.