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Was read to me 15th January '19

Where's Wally? The Spectacular Spotlight Search
Author: Martin Handford
Ruby wants to give this book 10/10 
Her first where is wally book.
She was overwhelmed and so happy when it arrived.
The magic slider was fantastic and she sat happily searching for wally. She loves how it likes up the book.
I love the illustrations and the introduction and writer bits were fun for her to read and work out the words. It’s was so ultra cool she had taken it to show and tell and couldn’t wait to show her class and explain how the torch works. Brilliant 

Was read to me 18th December '18

Authors: Sue Hendra , Paul Linnet
Hard back shiny book was a hit straight away. Fantastic illustrations and a lovely story about a adventure where having no one to play with finishes with new friends. 
Really like the style of the book and the way it was set out. Lots to see and enjoy.

Was read to me 12th November '18

Authors: Sue Hendra , Paul Linnet
The cover attracted ruby to this book she is in year two and really starting to look for books she can read some if not most herself.
What lovely bright illustrations that we enjoy reading together. 
She loved the layout to the book as totally different to what she is use to making it fun to read the story. 
A great story about a little snowball having a very exciting adventure and along the way making lots of new fun friends. Lots of exciting things along the way. Great story.

Was read to me 19th September '18

Daisy and the Trouble with School Trips
Author: Kes Gray
She has always enjoyed and chosen daisy bigger books herself and she was so excited when the book arrived. She knew straight away the title and illustrations. At 6 she is starting to read herself and enjoy holding the book and is reading a chapter each evening. The book is perfect with illustrations and writing she wants to read and finds fun. 
The time daisy is off on a school trip and there is lots of things to find and search for. The children make a secret pact and it brings lots of fun, trouble and great story.
Brilliant writing, perfect size chapters and a book she want to read and loves to read. Definitely will look at more in the series.

Was read to me 25th August '18

Animal Ark, New 1: Kitten Rescue: Book 1
Author: Lucy Daniels
My daughter was attracted to the cover she loves cats especially kittens.
She is really starting to read herself and she loved reading the animal advice and how to care for your pet.
The book is in perfect size chapters with lovely illustrations. 
Amelia is sad about moving houses and is happy when she makes friends and discovers animal ark.
Great book and we are looking at more in the series.