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This is the next title in touch and feel series using Alison Jay's trademark crackle-glazed artwork. It explores the theme of transport through hands-on interaction with a texture on every spread and on the cover. Transport of all kinds zooms to life beneath readers' fingertips in Touch and Feel: Wheels and Wings. Readers can prod a squishy hot-air balloon, feel the rough wood of a rowing boat or the smooth wings of an aeroplane, stroke a galloping horse's mane or a racing car's bonnet and touch a yacht's sail. This is the next in a series of touch and feel books that present Alison Jay's perenially popular artwork in an exciting new format

Wheels and Wings Reviews | Toppsta


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About Alison Jay

For the first time, Alison Jay illustrates her own storyline. Her love of nature and sympathy for the smallest creatures comes to the fore as she wordlessly tells the story of a growing friendship and understanding between a little girl and a bumble bee. Given free rein, her artwork is colourful and expressive and gently brings children to an understanding o

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About Emma Goldhawk

Emma Goldhawk is the author of several Templar titles, including My Book of Pets and The Nutcracker, as well as he popular Snuggle Bunny puppet series. Emma lives in London.

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