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Was read to me 13th January '19

Fussy Freda
Author: Julia Jarman Illustrator: Fred Blunt
What a great story about the importance of eating. Very funny! Lovely pictures and a great storyline! A hit with my boys and my baby and toddler group loved it! They had fun repeating 'Yuk!' 

Was read to me 4th January '19

Steve, Terror of the Seas
Author: Megan Brewis
Loved this book! Really funny ending and great pictures and storyline. Love that it includes real facts too! It is perfect for my class (y3) and our blue abyss topic and my 4 year old liked it too! 

Was read to me 4th January '19

I Want to Be in a Scary Story
Author: Sean Taylor Illustrator: Jean Jullien
A funny story about a monster who wants to be in a scary story but scares easily. Very funny and enjoyable. Good pictures and would be good to read at Halloween.

Was read to me 30th December '18

The Pirate Cruncher
Author: Jonny Duddle
My son chose this book and was excited about reading it. However he lost concentration half way through and I didn't enjoy it. There are rhyming songs  and a straight  forward storyline about pirates greedily searching for treasure. It didn't wow us. The dark background made some words hard to see too.

Was read to me 20th December '18

Little Monkey
Author: Marta Altes
This book was given to my child by the book trust and he loved it. It tells the story of a small monkey who learns to climb. Lovely illustrations and a super short  story both boys enjoyed it.