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Ladybird Tales of Super Heroes: With an introduction by David Solomons


Ladybird Tales of Super Heroes: With an introduction by David Solomons Reviews | Toppsta

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Superheroes have always been with us, from gods with mighty powers to human heroes who don disguises to save the day . . .

Join six larger-than-life mythic and legendary heroes from around the world in this colourful, illustrated collection of Ladybird Tales.

Meet tricksters, fighters, shape-shifters and even people who save the day with just the power of speech.

Anansi the Spider-Man
Loki and the Magical Hammer
Hanuman, Demon Fighter
Inanna in the Underworld
Shahrazad the Storyteller
The Legend of Hua Mulan

Perfect for bedtime, to read aloud or enjoy alone, these thrilling tales breathe marvellous life into ancient tales. Includes a special introduction from award-winning author David Solomons.

Ladybird Tales of Super Heroes: With an introduction by David Solomons Reviews | Toppsta


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of nature and her Indian roots and explores the
relationships between pattern, shapes and colour.
Poonam's upbringing and childhood have heavily
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