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It's a busy year for the Queen - she has lots of important events to attend. Meanwhile, a little girl is wondering what knickers Her Majesty will choose to wear on a school visit! Will they be her 'at home' knickers - adorned with corgis - or her 'garden party' knickers, or perhaps her woolly Balmoral ones...?

Both children and adults will love this very special and endearing insight into a child's imagination, from the best-selling author-illustrator of Father Christmas Needs A Wee and Jesus' Christmas Party.

Recently, the Queen visited a nursery in Norfolk and enjoyed a display based on the book:

"...just to make it special, there was one element that was not quite so traditional: pants. These were not just any pants, either. They were the Queen's Knickers, and at Dersingham Infant and Nursery School, in Norfolk, they were put on special display in honour of their royal visitor" ~ Valentine Low, The Times

The Queen's Knickers Reviews | Toppsta


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23rd November '16
I read it to LCR08 aged 8 aged 8 & to GCR13 aged 3 aged 3
The Queen's Knickers 9780099413141
5 stars
A book about pants! Are mine the only ones who think pants are amusing?
Leo and Georgie both love this book and Georgie is still young enough to believe that the queen does actually have all of these types of pants!
In all seriousness, it is a fun book and there are opportunities to develop vocabulary (not related to toilets!).
18th May '18
I read it to Frey aged 3 aged 3
The Queen's Knickers 9780099413141
5 stars
A really lovely funny book which kept my 3 year old entertained and laughing, even though now she wants me to sew a parachute into her knickers! The queen is due to visit a school and a little girl is wondering if she will wear her best knickers to the event. Wonderful illustrations and descriptions, we love it how it's based on our real life queen too complete with corgis! 5*
12th January '18
Beech Class read it themselves aged 6 to 7
The Queen's Knickers 9780099413141
5 stars
This story is really funny.
The characters are silly and it made us laugh out loud.
A super Y2 read!
10th April '18
I read it to Liana2011 aged 7 aged 7
The Queen's Knickers 9780099413141
4 stars
My daughter loves this book. Learning about all the different knickers the queen had for special occasions. Her favourite bit is picking out her favourite pair of knickers
29th May '17
I read it to Skye aged 4 aged 4 & to Rocky aged 4 aged 4
The Queen's Knickers 9780099413141
4 stars
A little girl imagines all the knickers the Queen owns and wonders what ones she would wear on a visit to her school. My four year old twins find all the talk about knickers hilarious! Very funny and sweet book. 
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