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I read this book 18th January '19

Socks Are Not Enough
Author: Mark Lowery
This is a good book which sometimes made me laugh but some of the language was not very nice and I thought some bits were a bit inappropriate. I would think older children might enjoy/understand it more than i did.

I read this book 18th January '19

The Misadventures of Max Crumbly 2: Middle School Mayhem
Author: Rachel Renee Russell
Firstly I liked this book because it had lots of detailed pictures which were very funny

Was read to me 9th January '19

The Nothing to See Here Hotel
Author: Steven Butler Illustrator: Steven Lenton
This book had been on our wish list for a while and we were not disappointed when we finally got round to reading it.  Our only complaint was, we read it too quickly. It was so funny and the boys kept asking for ‘just another chapter’. The characters are all extremely strange yet funny and our favourite part was when they went dashing out of the invisible hotel! We look forward to reading more about Frankie Bannister and his troll Granny.

Was read to me 16th December '18

Jack Frost
Author: Kazuno Kohara
As we continue with our winter books, Jack Frost is an ideal story. This is a lovely tale where the illustrations help the chilly feel of the story as they are all blue and white. Jack Frost and the boy have a great winter sledging, ice skating and building snowmen until spring comes and Jack Frost disappears for another year.

Was read to me 5th December '18

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud
Author: Jane Cabrera
This is one of our December favourites. As my son said, it is a story of friendship. It is a simple tale with beautiful illustrations which help to bring the story to life.