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Was read to me 15th January '19

Usborne First Experiences Going To The Hospital
We have had 2 copies of this book. I bought it when my eldest was going to hospital for an operation so that we had some pictures to look at and discuss. When my other son was due to go for an operation I remembered I had passed our copy onto a friend who needed hospital chat. 

The book is clear and written in a way that children who are starting to read can join in too. The pictures are clear and busy with plenty to talk about on each page.

This book definitely made both my boys feel at ease about going into hospital.

Was read to me 10th January '19

The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods
Author: Samuel J. Halpin Illustrator: Hannah Peck
This is such an exciting book which we could barely put down. From the first chapter we were gripped by Poppy’s tale, even her train journey was exciting. One thing we really loved was that we had no idea what was going to happen next.  The story has twists and turns and so many different characters who we could relate to.

Sometimes we had to read really quickly as the story was quite tense and gripping (a little scary) and at other times it was more relaxing.

The relationship between Poppy and her Gran was lovely and raised many conversations about family life and how things can change in an instant.

We would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting adventure story. It would probably be most suited to readers aged 9+.

I read this book 9th January '19

Strike of the Shark
Author: Bear Grylls
The Bear Grylls series is amazing and this book is no exception. In this book Beck gets stranded on a small island with a group of 5 people and he has to use all his survival skills to keep them all alive. Beck is more determined than ever to find out the secret of his parents death. Beck is in a lot of danger with a hurricane chasing them and sharks surrounding the island. This a great book for young nature lover, I would recommend this book to other animal lovers or people who love exciting, survival stories.

I read this book 8th January '19

The Super Awful Superheroes of Classroom 13
Authors: Honest Lee , Matthew J. Gilbert Illustrator: Joelle Dreidemy
This book is an amazing page turner and I begged my parents to let me read just a little bit more every night. The first chapter is all about how the class got their superpowers and then the rest of the book is just a chapter about each child's super powers. My favourite hero is mya and madison the two shape shifters  because they change so they look even more alike. 

I read this book 8th January '19

The Ice Monster
Author: David Walliams Illustrator: Tony Ross
This book is one of the best I have read over the Christmas holidays. It is a book full of adventure. The main gist of the book is that a mammoth comes to town and urchin elsie is determined to free woolly from the national history museum. But she faces many problems along the way. she has to get past the dangers of victorian london. I would recommend this book to people who love diary of a wimpy kid, this is definitely david walliams best book.