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I read this book 20th March '19

The World's Worst Children 3: Fiendishly Funny New Short Stories for Fans of David Walliams Books
Author: David Walliams
This is my favourite book ever. All the short stories were hilarious and my favourite was Vain Valentine. I would recommend this book to children aged 7 or over. The illustrations by Tony Ross were frequent and really brought Walliams funny characters to life. Out of the three Worlds Worst Children books this was the best the front cover included all of the characters from the book and I really hope Walliams publishes another Worlds Worst Children book. The genre of this book was comedy. All the characters were obnoxious but a good person comes and puts them right. This book made me want to read more of Walliams books especially Fing, it looks a really good read.   

Was read to me 4th March '19

The Day I Was Erased
Author: Lisa Thompson
This is an amazing story which we just couldn’t put down. We liked Maxwell from the start and thought he was having a very tough time, Mum and Dad fighting, acting out in school and only his beloved dog Monster for company. When things come to a head and Maxwell ruins the school ball the story takes on a super exciting feel and we really started to wonder ‘will everything work out in the end?’

The characters have very distinct personalities and all play a big part in Maxwell’s adventure. There are historical references and you can see how easy it would be for life to be different if just some little thing changed. 

We laughed out loud at points and there were definitely a few tears and this book gave us a lot to chat and think about. We would highly recommend this to children aged 8+.

Was read to me 15th February '19

Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo: World Book Day 2019
Author: Rick Riordan
My Mum suggested that I read this book. I have never tried a Percy Jackson book before. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not but after a few pages I thought the story was really exciting and just kept reading all the way to the end. I wasn’t sure about the different mythical creatures but there are some explanations at the end of the book which is helpful. Sometimes it was really funny and I loved the bit with the boxer shorts and the wedgie! At the end there was a crossword and word search which was fun. I will be reading more Percy Jackson adventures soon.

Was read to me 12th February '19

Timothy Mean and the Time Machine
Author: William Ford
A rhyming journey through time with Timothy Mean. The text flows so well that it’s easy to read aloud and my children quickly caught on to the rhymes and joined in. The story follows Timothy through a week in his life and all the naughty things he gets up to.

We liked the story very much but my children weren’t so keen on the illustrations. 

Was read to me 7th February '19

The Great Rocket Robbery: World Book Day 2019
Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce Illustrator: Steven Lenton
We really enjoyed this book. It was fun to hear a story told by a dog! The story was fast paced and exciting. At times we were quite concerned for the dogs safety because of the ‘man with the egg shaped head’. The dogs had lots of adventures with funny outcomes and we learnt about the importance of loyalty.  There were lovely messages throughout the story in bold print which gave us something to think about. We would recommend this story to animal lovers and people who enjoy a funny story.