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Was read to me 17th November '18

The King Who Banned the Dark
Author: Emily Haworth-Booth
We have read this book twice today which tells me it’s a hit in this house. 

As a boy the would be king is afraid of the dark and vows that once he is king he will ban the dark. It is a clever concept of thinking that you want something and then realising what a mistake you have made. We thought it was lovely that nobody lost face in this book and everyone managed to work in harmony.

The illustrations are quite detailed yet the use of limited colours really adds to the story.

Was read to me 17th November '18

A Tale of Two Beasts
Author: Fiona Roberton
This is a super book written in two parts, one telling the story from the little girls perspective and then from the beasts perspective. It was a great way to illustrate that there are two sides to every story and to teach children empathy.

My children loved the story and the illustrations.

Was read to me 17th November '18

Nevermoor: Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow Book 1
Author: Jessica Townsend
This was a book that once we started we could not put down. There is a lot of reading but we ploughed through it and read it in 3 sittings! It is such a page turner with action and adventure in every chapter.

Morrigan, the main character, is a cursed child doomed to die on her eleventh birthday. However she meets Jupiter North and life becomes very different. There are so many characters in this story that stand out and show good and bad traits.

This book would be perfect for any child who loves Harry Potter or magical stories.

Was read to me 3rd November '18

Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon
Author: Sally Gardner Illustrator: Nick Maland
This was a fantastic and magical tale. Betsy, the main character has a very happy life living with her Dad who makes all kinds of wonderful ice cream. Her mum is a mermaid and visits when Betsy whispers into the shell.  Betsy cannot wait for Mr Tiger and his circus to arrive and when they do even more magical adventures begin. There are giants, princesses and special berries to name but a few.
This is a great book which has lovely messages throughout. The text was printed in blue and was clear and easy to read. The pictures also helped to bring the story to life.

I read this book 1st November '18

Corby Flood
Authors: Chris Riddell , Paul Stewart
I got this book from my school library. It didn’t look like a book I would want to read but it was amazing. Corby, the main character, sets sail on the creaky decks of the S.S. europhnia. Corby is a very observant so she has an immediate suspicion on the brotherhood of Clowns. Corby's family are very interesting for example her bridge building dad and her sister who is in-love.  It is a good book for action lovers. I would recommend this book to children over 10 years old.