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Was read to me 21st March '19

The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon
Author: Richard Adams Illustrator: Alex T. Smith
Emma makes an egg box dragon which comes to life and has an amazing super power of knowing where to find things that are lost. It starts off small with dads glasses and escalates to finding the queens diamond! This is a lovely, bright book with a very nice story.

Was read to me 21st March '19

Do Not Open This Book: A ridiculously funny story for kids, big and small... do you dare open this book?!
Author: Andy Lee Illustrator: Heath McKenzie
My children love this style of book. It seems hilarious to them that the book is giving them instructions. This is one that we have to read several times in a row and it seems to get funnier each time!

Was read to me 21st March '19

Giraffe Problems
Author: Jory John Illustrator: Lane Smith
Giraffe does not like his neck and he does everything he can to disguise it. He then meets a very chatty tortoise who can only dream of having a neck like Giraffe’s. A lovely way of showing that what you think of as a negative, someone else might just think is a positive. Beautiful illustrations too.

Was read to me 20th March '19

Captain Cat and the Treasure Map
Author: Sue Mongredien Illustrator: Kate Pankhurst
We enjoyed this pirate adventure. The introduction to the characters and the map were a big hit as we started the story. There is plenty of pirate language throughout the story and the children thought that it was funny the pirates couldn’t understand the animals. The jokes caused much laughter and the illustrations brought the story to life. I’m sure we will be looking out for more pirate adventures.

Was read to me 19th March '19

Goat's Coat
Author: Tom Percival Illustrator: Christine Pym
This is a lovely story about kindness that we have read many times. It follows the same premise as The Smartest Giant in Town. Alfonzo is very pleased with his smart new coat but as he walks along many animals are in need of help and Alfonzo uses his coat to help them out. When he ends up cold and shivery his new friends help him out. 

We loved the rhyming text and beautiful illustrations.