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Ruby And The Naughty Cats


Ruby And The Naughty Cats Reviews | Toppsta

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Ruby, Blue, and Blanket are having a race, but then the Naughty Cats get in the way. Everything Ruby, Blue and Blanket try to do, the Naughty Cats interfere. But what can they do? Luckily Blanket has a brilliant idea which saves the day, and the Naughty Cats aren't so naughty anymore!

Ruby And The Naughty Cats Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 2 in the Ruby, Blue and Blanket Series. See all Ruby, Blue and Blanket books here.

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6th February '19
I read it to Matthew aged 6 aged 6 & to Sophiajane aged 2 aged 2
Ruby And The Naughty Cats 9781909645967
5 stars
This is a lovely tale of three teddies trying to play but being disturbed by naughty cats. They then have the clever idea of letting them join in and they all have fun together. Lovely bright illustrations and rhyming text makes this a great story to read with little ones.
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