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I read this book 10th December '18

Author: R. J. Palacio
I think that Wonder is a really good book that has a great storyline and its quite sad in some places
This book is about a 10 year old boy called August who doesn't at all feel confident about the way he looks and is teased about his looks by a horrible boy in his class.

I read this book 26th November '18

Alienated: Grounded at Groom Lake
Author: Jeff Norton
I was sure about this book at the start but as I read I found I couldn't stop, its brilliant

Was read to me 6th November '18

The Train to Impossible Places
Author: P. G. Bell Illustrator: Flavia Sorrentino
An amazing story story all about a girl called Suzy Smith who accidentally enters an impossible world. In this world trolls really do live under bridges and evil witches are on the loose. 
This book it very well written and kept me interested right from the start, loved it!!

I read this book 22nd October '18

Storm Witch
Author: Ellen Renner
when storm turns 13 she must undertake The Choosing and be claimed by one of the 4 Elementals, air, fire, earth or water.  Whichever claims her will determine her whole life's work.

this is a amazing story and I really enjoyed reading it, the characters are great and the book kept me interested the whole way through

I read this book 29th September '18

Football School Season 3: Where Football Explains the World
Authors: Alex Bellos , Ben Lyttleton Illustrator: Spike Gerrell
 I love football and this book is great for learning about the game. It even has lots of fun facts about other things too and the illustrations are really good.