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The Secret Starling


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Clara has lived a life of solitude, home schooled under her mean uncle's strict regime . . . until now!

The day that Uncle abandons Clara, leaving her with nothing but a wedge of 'guilt money' and a half empty, crumbling manor house, she is determined to do things her way for a change. And when streetwise Peter turns up, with his rescue cat and a surprising array of knowledge, she is sure that between them they have everything they need to survive.

But the house is to be sold . . . and Uncle has lied to Clara . . . and nothing, NOTHING is as it seems.

The Secret Starling Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780571346301
  • Pub Date: 2nd May 2019
  • Publisher: Faber & Faber
  • Imprint: Faber & Faber
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 272

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10th February '19
Year 6 readers read it themselves aged 10 to 11
The Secret Starling 9780571346301
5 stars
The Secret Starling is a mystery that has the reader on the edge of their seats. The main character, Clara, has been brought up by her uncle and has lived a 'Victorian' childhood, with no access to treats or things from the modern world around her. When he leaves, suddenly, this plunges Clara into a world that's full of secrets.
We liked the relationship between Clara and Peter; it was great to see the similarities between their two lives play out. We also liked the fact that it was set at a time in history that we didn't know much about, the late 1960s/early 1970s. 
It's quite a challenging book and would be most suitable for older primary readers.
5th February '19
I read it myself (an adult)
The Secret Starling 9780571346301
5 stars
Clara has lived a life of solitude till she noticed that the staff, furniture and finally her mean uncle disappeared. She was left on her own in a big mention with nothing but a sum of ‘guilt money’. Luckily, streetwise Peter has been sent to stay in her house before all these strange events happened. For the first time in her life she felt free and happy till grown-ups turned up and decided to sell the house. She needed to find out about the past of her mum and find the missing dad to save herself and Peter.

Absolutely beautiful book! Very well written and easy to immerse yourself into the story. Definitely one for a reread, even being an adult and therefore well above it's target audience age. It’s beautifully-crafted adventure story - very original and captivating. The plot is not predictable at all!  This is a real page turner. Highly recommend this book!!
5th February '19
I read it to Pops09 aged 9 aged 9
The Secret Starling 9780571346301
5 stars
This is a story about a girl called Clara who one day is abandoned by her uncle, left with some guilt money she starts to fend for herself with the help of a boy named Peter. But her uncles house is for sale. It’s well written and engaging even for an adult. The chapters are fairly short so it’s also quite manageable for my daughter. Highly recommended. 
21st February '19
I read it to Ama123 aged 8 aged 8
The Secret Starling 9780571346301
5 stars
A beautifully written book. This heart-warming story starts with Clara living with her strict Uncle until he abandons here and this is the start of her adventure. With the help of her new friend Peter she finds out the answers to a few mysteries. 
14th February '19
Lilmisskyra read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
The Secret Starling 9780571346301
5 stars
The Secret Starling by Judith Eagle is an amazing story with lots of mystery. The book is about Clara, a young girl who makes you fall in love with her as she tries to save her house from being sold and to find out about her past. Clara is a determined girl who is quite likeable and makes you hope she finds out what she wants.

I like this book as the Secret Starling has plot twists throughout. Cook and James are my favourite characters, including the lovely Stockwell who hangs around for a while. This story gets quite sad as she finds out the truth behind her past. As Clara finds out more about her past she finds more members of her family she never knew about. 

Overall, I absolutely loved The Secret Starling, I got through the story in a couple of days as I couldn't put the book down and I told all my teachers about the story the next day. My sister and I, couldn't believe some of the plot twists and it kept us engaged right til the end of the story. The characters are very likeable and I think this book definitely appeals to kids. 

By Kyra (10)
19th February '19
Cricket read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
The Secret Starling 9780571346301
5 stars
I really enjoyed reading this book with my mum.  Its a story about a girl who lives with her uncle.  Her mean uncle drops her at the village and leaves.  She has no where to go so goes back to the crumbling manor house she calls home.  A young boy called Peter turns up and makes everything more fun.
I would recommend this book to age 8+ and anyone who likes reading an exciting, mysterious story.
19th February '19
I read it myself aged 11 aged 11
The Secret Starling 9780571346301
5 stars
A Secret Starling is a truly enrapturing book, adventurous, clever and a great mystery. When Clara is abandoned by her cruel uncle, she is left to live and the crumbling mansion she calls home. Or so she thought. On her return from town, where her uncle left her, she finds street-wise Peter waiting for her. Together, they play and have fun all day every day. Clara even makes some other friends, her beloved Cook's grandchildren: Lucille, Curtis and Amelia-Ann. They live each day in childish happiness, until a dark mystery begins to take over their lives when 'Stella Jones' comes t look after them. Who is she really? What has she got to do do with uncle? And, most importantly, how are they tied in with Clara's mother, Christobel Starling?
11th February '19
Yzabelle read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Secret Starling 9780571346301
4 stars
This story is about a girl called Clara who uncle disappears himself, leaving Clara all alone in the giant manor. things get better when Peter gets sent to stay with her.
nice story, I really enjoyed reading
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