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Book pages Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama!
Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama!
Book Lover Evie read it aged 10
I liked how it was about Nikki's birthday and how there was awesome bits and hilarious bits. Nikki's little sister was hysterical and Andre and Brandon were like little toddlers. I would describe this book as a full on comedy. The illustrations are funny and I like how at the end it has photos of them instead of a paragraph about what happened at the party. My favourite part was when they went to the party palace and it had decorations for lots of different themes. It made me feel excited because I want to go to one.

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Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama!
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Book pages The Train to Impossible Places
The Train to Impossible Places
I read it (an adult)
So, ‘The Train to Impossible Places,’ is one of those mind-boggling reads that plays tricks on your thoughts. In a world that defies gravity, confuses your perceptions and challenges everything you thought was impossible, you find yourself smack bang in the middle of the aptly named Impossible Place. When Suzy finds a troll digging a railway track in her hallway one day, her inquisitive mind can’t resist jumping aboard when the gigantic steam train flies by. But this is no ordinary train but the fastest mail train in the universe. Little does she know that she’s about to embark on a magical journey of a lifetime where she will meet talking frogs, bright yellow bears and friendly trolls whilst facing the most dastardly and fearsome Crepuscula and holding the fate of the Impossible Places in her hands. Flavia’s enchanting illustrations capture the chaos and carnage brilliantly. Fast, furious and filled with fun and frenetic action, climb aboard for a breath-taking ride that will take you beyond your wildest imagination.

Wrote a Review 30th October '18

Book pages Evie's War
Evie's War
I read it (an adult)
I’m really drawn to children’s stories that are set during the World Wars, after hearing about history through the eyes of a grown up world, I have a real fascination for seeing these stories from a child’s perspective. In ‘Evie’s War,’ Holly Webb takes us on an emotional journey with Evie whose family is in turmoil after the tragic death of her younger brother Alexander. They are all internalising their grief making it incredibly difficult for them to move on, this is compounded by the break out of World War One. Everything in their lives is turned upside down as young men – including her brother David –  enlist in the army, maids seek employment in the ammunitions factory and they bear witness to terrible events. She soon discovers that they must all find a way to make the necessary but difficult choices to support the war effort. An emotional rollercoaster of a story that highlights brilliantly the effect war has on everyone. I think it’s so important that we still remember and honour the sacrifices that this generation made, the horrors that they experienced and the lasting impact that it had on theirs and their families lives. This story beautifully conveys this pain and heartbreak of love and loss so movingly.