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I read this book 13th November '18

Lost Christmas
Authors: David Logan , John Hay
Lost Christmas is a brilliant book about family ,hope and loss. I loved the entirety of the book because it is funny and touching. I liked Anthony as a character because of all the random facts he came up with and his confusion to himself. I didn't expect the ending to be as it was but I loved the ending nevertheless. I would recommend it to eleven and above.

I read this book 6th November '18

What Monster?
Author: Liz Pichon
I loved this book because the series is hilarious and brilliant.I really loved how all throughout the book Tom was begging to go to the Oakchella Music Festival and then he was forced to go to his cousin's house while his sister went to the festival and his Mom and Dad went out somewhere and then the cousin's and his uncle Kevin and his auntie Alice take him to Oakchella with a VIP pass. I also liked the huge picture at the end with all the people he saw at Oakchella and he sees his parents.

I read this book 6th November '18

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: Magical Movie Handbook
Author: Scholastic
I loved this book, it is full of photos of the film and loads of interesting facts about the characters that are going to be in the new film its amazing.
I would recommend it to any harry potter fans or anyone wanting to go and see the new film I especially like the nifflers 

Was read to me 18th September '18

Killing Ground (Defenders #1)
Author: Tom Palmer
this book is brilliant and girls should not be put off by the front cover as its not all about football and is a good book for girls to read as well 

I really like this author 

Was read to me 18th September '18

Where's Wally?
Author: Martin Handford
this book is brilliant for children of all ages all three enjoyed looking for wally and his friends in this book. fun activity for the children