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The Boy And The Globe

by , Tom Morgan-Jones

The Boy And The Globe Reviews | Toppsta

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Young Toby lives on his wits. An orphan and a street-child, he navigates Jacobean London like an old hand. Meanwhile the city has lost its charm for Will Shakespeare, the playwright from Stratford. Beset by troubles personal and professional and suffering from writer's block, he has grown to hate the drama business. But when Toby stumbles into the Globe, the boy's energy and enthusiasm remind Will of the magic that first inspired his love of the theatre, and the two set to work on a new entertainment for The Tempest.

The Boy And The Globe Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781781125038
  • Pub Date: 3rd March 2016
  • Publisher: Barrington Stoke Ltd
  • Imprint: Barrington Stoke Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 192

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21st May '16
CCR06 read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Boy And The Globe 9781781125038
5 stars
I loved this book as it was about history and literature and they are my favourite subjects at school.I also liked how Toby started off with a bad     reputation and turned it around.
A fantastic book!
28th June '16
Elliemai read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Boy And The Globe 9781781125038
4 stars
this book is really really good, it is a little bit sad at the begining as toby does not have anyone as he is an orphan but you should defiantly read it cos it gets better i promise 
26th May '16
Lydib read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Boy And The Globe 9781781125038
4 stars
This is a story about a boy called Toby, he is an orphan and steals from people in the theatre to get money. He loves the plays so much he is distracted and gets caught. This leads to him meeting Shakespeare, they work together to save the theatre. Its quite a short book and really easy to read. I didnt learn much about Shakespeare himself from the story but i learnt a bit about the theatre and what it was like in Shakespeare times. The story is entertaining i enjoyed it.
8th July '16
Bookworm3 read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
The Boy And The Globe 9781781125038
4 stars
Take an unforgettable trip to the globe with Tony Bradman's 'The Boy in the Globe'! People of all ages will love this captivating novel. Although my mummy and I read this book as a bedtime story, we agreed it would be a great book to share with people younger and older than ourselves. Hot seating and role play activities work really well with this book, as well as adding extra fun to scene two, "Funne activities for Boyes and Girls"! I was particularly drawn in by the fact that the book was written in the style of a play; these sorts of writing techniques added great interest and have inspired me to use them more in my own narrative work. Happy reading to all Shakespeare bookworms!!!
19th May '16
I read it to Rory aged 8 aged 8 & to Addie aged 6 aged 6
The Boy And The Globe 9781781125038
4 stars
We read and enjoyed this book as a family, Addie enjoyed recognising landmarks around London and Rory was interested in all the Shakespeare references. It was quite a short book but packed full of fun. I was impressed with the layout of this book, lovely clear text and fun pictures made it an easy but enjoyable read. The "Second Act" was a series of activities relating to the story. This really gave my kids something to talk about and an added interest into some of the books themes. 
31st July '16
I read it to Tommyg aged 9 aged 9 & to Charliechuc aged 8 aged 8
The Boy And The Globe 9781781125038
4 stars
At first I didn't like the book but it got better as we carried on.

We had it has a bedtime story and both my boys are 8 and 9 were happy to read it. The book isn't very long and easy to read and understand.
14th June '16
Dragonmaster read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
The Boy And The Globe 9781781125038
3 stars
Dylan (6) read this book and told me what he wanted to say in his review. 
The book is sad to start with as the main character Toby's parents have died and he has no-one to look after him and ends up making friends with a group of thieves to survive. He meets Will Shakespeare and doesn't know how famous he will be in the future. There are lots of good guys and bad guys in the story and lots of characters make up clever plans which is funny.
I liked the book, I haven't learnt about Shakespeare or any of his plays at school but the book made me want to see what they were like. I also found out about other things in the book, like the Plague which I researched with my mum when I was reading the book. 
26th July '16
holliepskelton read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
The Boy And The Globe 9781781125038
1 stars
Hollie who is age 6 years old but reading at the level for a 7-8 yr old tried reading this book. She read the first 10 or so pages and said it was not really her thing. Might appeal to others but hollie said she really was not enjoying it.
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