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Our House 2: Time to Shine


Our House 2: Time to Shine Reviews | Toppsta

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Can Chloe Deal dazzle on stage, with some help from the builders at home?

Dad's weird and wonderful extended family are coming to stay at Christmas, and in preparation the Deal house is finally going to be redecorated! Dad's taken a job in Germany to pay for it, but as the builders start work they uncover more serious problems with the house.. Will Dad ever be able to move back home? Chloe has landed a starring role in her school play, but Imogen is the lead, and being as insufferable as ever. She even has a stage-kiss with Thomas! Can Mum and the kids pull off two school plays, a house refurbishment and a supersize Deal family Christmas?

Another warm, funny family story from OUR HOUSE.

Our House 2: Time to Shine Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 2 in the Our House Series. See all Our House books here.


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