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I read this book 7th February '19

Night Zookeeper: The Penguins of Igloo City
Authors: Joshua Davidson , Giles Clare Illustrator: Buzz Burman
I liked this book, I don’t feel it made that much difference I hadn’t read the previous book. It was great adventure and mystery story with a bit of magic, just the kind of books I like. I loved the night zoo keeper and his torch. I would love a torch like that, to find out why you will have to read the book.

I read this book 25th December '18

The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - Illustrated Edition
Author: Peter Frankopan Illustrator: Neil Packer
A book with beautiful bright pictures, lots of reading that takes you into its stories of history and travel. Great for history lovers young and old

I read this book 25th November '18

The Deep 1: Dragon Rider
Author: Finn Black
Fantastic adventure book. Just what you would expect. Love how you reading fiction but finding out about the sea. Would recommend this to my friends. Was a great read. I want to learn to dive now and see the bottom of the ocean! 

I read this book 20th October '18

The Ghostkeeper's Journal and Field Guide
Author: Japhet Asher
Wow this book is so different, be ready to cross into  the world of ghosts. Love to read this with my friends they love the app it is almost like playing a game together but reading at same time. The characters are interesting but the way you use the app with the book makes it special! You will love this book, if you love tech and things that go bump in the night.

I read this book 17th October '18

The Little Inventors Handbook: A Guide to Becoming an Ingenious Inventor
Author: Dominic Wilcox
Interesting creative book, love the ideas in here and how it got you thinking.  Learn about inventors and how to invent.