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I read this book 28th February '19

We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Author: Michael Rosen Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury
We love this book in our family. It's asy to read and with repetitive lines this will be a hit with little ones. 

Was read to me 21st February '19

The Secret Starling
Author: Judith Eagle Illustrator: Kim Geyer
A beautifully written book. This heart-warming story starts with Clara living with her strict Uncle until he abandons here and this is the start of her adventure. With the help of her new friend Peter she finds out the answers to a few mysteries. 

I read this book 13th February '19

A Moon Girl Stole My Friend
Author: Rebecca Patterson
It's 2099 and air transport is the norm. 10 year old Lyla is looking forward to her best friend Bianca's birthday party but then she's not invited. It seems the arrival of the new Moon girl, Petra has caused a rift between the girls unbeknown to Lyla. 

Despite the futuristic setting of this story children will be able to relate to it easily. This story deals with friendship problems in a sensitive and funny way. Plus the friendship between different generations was heartwarming. 

The title and front cover had us curious from the moment we came across this book. Amatullah loved this and enjoyed reading the bits about the new technology and desserts! Beautifully illustrated by the author 'A moon girl stole my best friend' is a brilliant read.

I read this book 13th February '19

The Unworry Book
Author: Alice James
This is such a brilliant book. I would give it 6 stars. My daughter always has it in her hands now and takes it on car journeys where she is engrossed in it. "Every page was useful, it gives me great advise, and whenever I get worried I will use this book."
The nightmare section is particularly relevant for us. This is a great book for the parents and adults as well. It's easy and fun to use.

I read this book 27th January '19

The Dragonsitter in the Land of the Dragons
Author: Josh Lacey Illustrator: Garry Parsons
This book is amazing! It's about a boy called Edward who goes on holiday with his Uncle Morton to a country called Magnolia. They are looking for the Dragon Ceremony. This was my favourite part as the dragons flew around in different directions and no-one was hurt.
 5/5 stars. 

'The Dragonsitter in the Land of the Dragons' is written in the style of an email conversation mainly between Edward and his mum. The attachments are photos. Amatullah whizzed through this book, laughing at all the funny bits. The illustrations are excellent. She's looking forward to reading all the other books in the series.