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I read this book 10th September '17

Future Ratboy and the Quest for the Missing Thingy
Author: Jim Smith
This book was really funny. The main character is a boy that travels into the future and has to battle against Mr X. I would definitely want to read more in this series.

I read this book 10th September '17

The Jet of Justice
Author: Angie Lake
I really enjoyed this. It's easy to read because there aren't too many words on each page and it has lots of comic style pictures. It's fun to read, and the characters are clever at inventing. I would recommend it to my friends.

I read this book 12th August '17

Dougal Daley, it's Not My Fault!
Author: Jackie Marchant Illustrator: Loretta Schauer
It's taken quite a while for Aaron to get started with this book which is quite unusual. Once he got going he really enjoyed it and found it easy reading with the text being broken up with various things. He doesn't seem too keen to read it again and it hasn't made it onto his shelf of favourite stories. 

I read this book 12th August '17

Dick and Dom's Slightly Naughty but Very Silly Words
Authors: Richard McCourt , Dominic Wood
Aaron read this book to himself and I could hear him snorting with laughter as he made his way through it. It is very entertaining and the perfect sort of humour for a 7 year old. 

I read this book 16th July '17

LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: The Book of Monstrox
Author: LEGO Nexo Knights
This is one of my favourite books that I have got in a long time! It's not just a guide to the monsters and bad guys, but is also a bit of a story and there's also an app that you can download to interact with.