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Was read to me 31st July '18

The Princess in Black Takes a Holiday
Authors: Dean Hale , Shannon Hale Illustrator: LeUyen Pham
"This book is about a princess called Princess Magnolia. She also disguises herself as the Princess in Black.

My favourite part was when she keeps on being disturbed many times in her sleep. And at the end she gets stuck on an island."

The illustrations by LeUyen Phan are stunning and add to the humour of this story.

I read this book 31st July '18

First Prize for the Worst Witch
Author: Jill Murphy
The worst witch
"This book is about a girl called Mildred who is extremely cheeky sometimes. The thing I liked about this book is the ending. The pictures are lovely." Amatullah
Mildred Hubble is back in another mayhem filled story. I loved The Worst Witch when I was a child and now my daughter does too. She whizzed through this book, stopping only to tell me the exciting bits. She is hooked on The Worst Witch now. Jill Murphy's illustrations are still how I've always imagined the characters to look like.
THE original witch is still as loveable today as she was when I was a child. It was an absolute pleasure to introduce my daughter to The Worst Witch.

Was read to me 28th July '18

Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure
Author: A. L. Kennedy Illustrator: Gemma Correll
'Uncle Shawn and Bill and the almost entirely unplanned adventure' is as fun and silly as the title suggests. With a cast of loveable characters and some not-so-loveable characters this story keeps you on your toes throughout wondering 'what's going to happen next' and 'how can Uncle Shawn possibly rescue Bill the Badger and the four llamas?’.
As horrible and nasty as the McGloones are, Uncle Shawn is the sweetest, gentlest man who makes it his mission to rescue Bill and the Llamas. Amatullah enjoyed reading this book as it was funny and exciting. She was worried Bill would have to fight the mean, ferocious dogs and the Llamas would be made into llama pies, wallets and handbags.
The illustrations by Gemma Correll are splendid and really bring this story to life.
This book will have you racing through the pages to find out what happens next! A great book for fans of Mr Gum and The Bolds books.

I read this book 28th July '18

Happy Hatchday
Author: Rob Biddulph
My two year old daughter, Abidah, was so excited to receive her ‘Dino’ book that she pulled the curtain off while watching for the postman. When it arrived she loved the colourful and cute illustrations of Greg(osaurus). The rhyming text was a delight to read and held Abidah’s attention throughout. It's especially nice when dinosaurs are portrayed as cute creatures as my eldest daughter was scared of dinosaurs when she was little.
All but one of nine eggs hatch and so when Greg finally appears after a whole week later he feels left out. All the other hatchlings have paired up and are busy doing activities such as painting and baking. When Greg is feeling so sad for himself a little dragonfly cheers him up.
Abidah loved ‘Happy Hatchday’, especially as she’s obsessed about birthdays recently and this book has fuelled her obsession.
We’ll definitely be looking out for more of Rob Biddulph’s books. His illustrations are so cute and vibrant, and this story was fun.

Was read to me 28th July '18

The Battle of the Blighty Bling
Author: Ruth Quayle Illustrator: Eric Heyman
'The Battle of the Blighty Bling' is a rip-roaring, fantastic book. Perfect for fans of Mr Gum, and Spangles McNasty books. The wacky illustrations by Eric Heyman are so brill
The McScurvys are a family of pirates like no other you've heard or read of. They get seasick, now live in a caravan, the kids go to school and their parents work in a supermarket (where they pinch yummy food for their piratey feasts).
Sister and brother, Vic and Bert are trying to impress their younger sister Maud and so play pirates with their family's priceless treasure, The Blighty Bling. BUT when their swords are stolen their whole adventure or misadventure starts. We whizzed through this funny read in no time at all.