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I read this book 24th May '18

Laugh Out Loud
Author: James Patterson
I'm sorry but we both didn't like this book although we love James Patterson's other books. It was confusing because there was a lot of make believe in the book, like meeting aliens, becoming a wizard but that was all Jimmy imagining things. And basically it was about other books he loved. 

I read this book 8th May '18

The Princess and the Pig
Author: Jonathan Emmett Illustrator: Poly Bernatene
We LOVE this story. We've had it for years and still love reading it. So funny.

I read this book 8th May '18

Cannonball Coralie and the Lion
Author: Grace Easton
Coralie is a little girl all alone in the woods until she meets a lion and a new family. All would have been fine except for the man in charge. He doesn't seem to be happy with anything Coralie does.

A gorgeous book with a sweet message and lovely ending. The illustrations are vibrant and endearing. My daughters enjoyed the story and wish they had a brave, cuddly lion for a friend as well.

I read this book 16th April '18

Furry Friends: Marshmallow Magic
Author: Holly Webb Illustrator: Clare Elsom
A lovely book about a girl called Sophie who lives in France and she has met talking guinea pigs. In this book the animals help Sophie's brother Dan with his homework assignment. The illustrations are so gorgeous and adorable.

I read this book 9th April '18

The Book Case: An Emily Lime Mystery
Author: Dave Shelton
The Book Case is a hilarious mystery about a girl called Daphne who's been kicked out of her new school. When a letter arrives inviting her to study at St Rita's School for Spirited Girls, her parents jump at the opportunity. Even before she arrives there you know something is definitely off about the boarding school. To say the girls are 'spirited' is an understatement -  more like outrageous and shocking. Here Daphne meets the loveable George (the only boy at the girls' school) and Assistant Librarian Emily Lime. Daphne is annoyed that she has to interview for the Assistant Assistant Librarian post which she assumed was hers but it seems the librarian is off sick and has left Emily Lime in charge. Strange things have been happening at St Rita's but more strange things are to occur. St Rita's is described so well it almost seems like I knew it like the back of  my hand. The characters are distinct and definitely memorable.  

Amatullah liked the characters in this book, especially clumsy George and Emily Lime who can be described as blunt. She did find the story a bit hard to follow in the middle when the children were investigating the bank robbing in town. But by the end of the story everything fell into place. This book was a challenge for her to read because of the length - she's used to reading much shorter books so I'm really proud she finished the book. As a long time fan of mysteries I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It made me laugh and smile at their misadventures and experiences, and I whizzed through the book in no time. 

Dave Shelton has written a very intriguing mystery that will keep you guessing till the end. It was a delight meeting Emily Lime and we hope to read more about her soon. The drawings are great and complement the story well.