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I read this book 14th February '18

Night Zookeeper: The Giraffes of Whispering Wood
Authors: Joshua Davidson , Giles Clare Illustrator: Buzz Burman
The Night Zookeeper is about a boy called Will. He gets in trouble for painting a purple elephant but his strange grandmother tells him to believe in himself. That night he becomes the Night Zookeeper. This is a brilliant book and my daughter loved reading it. She especially loved the giraffe called Sam. Such a loveable but clumsy friend! We can't wait to read the next book in the series after having a peek at the sample chapter. The front cover is stunning along with the other illustrations by Buzz Burman.

I read this book 30th January '18

Fergal is Fuming!
Author: Robert Starling
Fergal is a little dragon who gets angry very easily which is not a great combination as his friends and family find out. Whenever Fergal gets upset or doesn't get his way his fiery temper has disastrous consequences. Finally his friends have had enough and after a bit of advise from his mother he does a bit of thinking.

This is a really nice book not only because of the loveable characters and beautiful  illustrations but I loved the message in the book. Both Amatullah and Abidah enjoyed the story. Abidah is two and has recently started talking and she liked repeating some of the words. She especially loved the front cover and wanted to keep her face through the cut-out and make all the different faces Fergal was making.  

Thank you Lovereading4kids for our free copy.

Was read to me 30th January '18

The Great Hamster Massacre
Author: Katie Davies Illustrator: Hannah Shaw
A hilarious book about a girl and her brother who finally get two hamsters after begging and begging. The problem starts when both hamsters are not both girls as they were told by the shopkeeper. Anna with the help of her friend start an investigation to find out what happened to the hamsters.

Young children will love this although it does deal with bereavement and death of pets.

I read this book 30th January '18

Ask Oscar
Author: Alan MacDonald Illustrator: Sarah Horne
A brilliant and funny book. 
This book is about a boy called Sam. He wants a dog so badly and one day a talking dog turns up. I liked this book because it made me laugh because Mr Trusscot, the neighbour can't even be bothered to do anything. 
Another great series from this talented author. 

I read this book 8th January '18

Trouble In New York
Author: Jennifer Gray
"The travels of Ermine - Trouble in New York" is such a delightful little book. Jennifer Gray has written a funny and exciting tale about an endearing, talking stoat called Ermine. The gorgeous illustrations by Elisa Pagnelli made us want to dive into this book straight away. 

Ermine was rescued by the Duchess of Balaclavia when the Duke wanted to turn Ermine into a fur collar! She's been sent on a trip to New York to stay with the Megabucks and fill up her very large and empty scrapbook. When Ermine's luggage is mixed up with a pair of crooks' the real trouble begins.

This book is perfect for children who love adventure, excitement and reading about friendship. Amatullah thoroughly enjoyed this book and whizzed through it. She loved the pages where she had to turn the book around to read. She can't wait to read the next book. We're delighted to see another Ermine adventure will be coming. 

"I liked the book because it was funny and interesting. I liked the bit where Ermine fell in the alligator pit although it was a bit scary. I also liked the pictures especially the photos and the scrapbook."

This book was given to us by Lovereading4kids and featured on their website first.