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Was read to me 21st March '19

Alfred and the Blue Whale
Author: Mina Lystad Illustrator: Ashild Irgens
Alfred is a little boy who is scared of lots of things, particularly talking in front of the class. The teacher gives him an assignment of finding out facts about the blue whale. The more Alfred learns, the more excited he gets and he finds himself able to give his presentation to the cladd.

This is an absolutely beautiful book, perfect for children who are shy and nervous like my daughter, but great for helping children overcome any fears they may have. My daughter loved reading about Alfred and it let us to having conversations about feeling the fear but doing it anyway! 

My other daughter loved learning all about blue whales. She was fascinated by them and wanted to go to school and tell her friends all about them!

Highly recommended. 

I read this book 27th February '19

LEGO Minifigure Mayhem (World Book Day 2019)
Authors: Beth Davies , Helen Murray
I love playing with my Lego so I was very excited to read this book. I loved learning about all the Lego Minifigures. The jokes were very funny and I liked doing the challenges. The quiz at the end was fun too. 

Was read to me 17th February '19

Hubert Horatio: A Very Fishy Tale: World Book Day 2019
Author: Lauren Child
We absolutely loved this book! It is the story of Hubert Huratio who is a very clever baby with very irresponsible parents! They are so irresponsible that they leave him behind when they rush off to a shop to buy a SOS whistle for Hubert, to keep him safe!

This book is gloriously surreal with wonderfully wacky illustrations. It was a delight to read and made my daughters squeal with laughter. Fittingly for a World Book Day book, it introduced them to words they hadn't come across yet and has helped increase their vocabulary. Highly recommended!

Was read to me 9th December '18

Tooth Fairy's Christmas
Authors: Peter Bently , Garry Parsons
It's Christmas Eve and a little boy has lost his tooth so the Tooth Fairy has to go out in the cold and wind. The weather is so bad that she gets loat, but luckily for her Father Christmas comes to her rescue.

My five year old twins really enjoyed this book. A few of the rhymes were a little clunky and didn't scan that well, but overall it was a fun book to share at Christmas time.

Was read to me 6th April '18

Authors: Sue Hendra , Paul Linnet
This is such a brilliant book! The illustrations are fabulous - so vibrant and fun to look at. It is extremely well written with an hilarious surprise twist that really made my daughters laugh. An absolutely perfect picture book.