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Was read to me 9th December '18

Tooth Fairy's Christmas
Authors: Peter Bently , Garry Parsons
It's Christmas Eve and a little boy has lost his tooth so the Tooth Fairy has to go out in the cold and wind. The weather is so bad that she gets loat, but luckily for her Father Christmas comes to her rescue.

My five year old twins really enjoyed this book. A few of the rhymes were a little clunky and didn't scan that well, but overall it was a fun book to share at Christmas time.

Was read to me 6th April '18

Authors: Sue Hendra , Paul Linnet
This is such a brilliant book! The illustrations are fabulous - so vibrant and fun to look at. It is extremely well written with an hilarious surprise twist that really made my daughters laugh. An absolutely perfect picture book. 

Was read to me 10th December '17

James and the Birthday Balloon
Author: Nicola J. Rowley
This is a really good idea for a children's book. Ruby and James are best friends and it covers what happens when Ruby breaks her leg at her birthday party. 

However I found the idea of the book better than the execution. For me, the depiction of their friendship was on the sickly side of sweet. I particularly disliked the unnecessary description of the paramedic as "the lady paramedic" while the male doctor on the next page was just described as "the doctor". Overall, it just wasn't a terribly exciting book to read. I read it to my daughters twice and they haven't asked me to read it again so they haven't found it particularly engaging either. 

I have given it 3 stars as it is for a good cause and the free audio download read by Dr Ranj is a nice touch. 

Was read to me 30th November '17

The Bad Mood and the Stick
Author: Lemony Snicket Illustrator: Matthew Forsythe
This story starts with a little girl called Curly who has a bad mood and a stick. The bad mood is represented by a cloud which follows various characters in the book as things happen to cause them to be in a bad mood. 

The concept behind this book is a great one for young children. It shows how bad moods can spread from one person to another. Reading this book is a great way to have a conversation with children about emotions and how one's bad mood can impact on those around it.

The book has absolutely gorgeous illustrations which really invoke a 1950's feel.

There was one slightly strange scene in the book which stopped me giving it 5 stars.  Lou goes to the dry cleaners and takes off his trousers to insist they are washed as they are covered in mud. Mrs Durham, who works there, takes a look at grumpy Lou in his underwear and the bad mood flies out the window. They end the story getting married. Why seeing Lou in his underwear caused the bad mood to fly away without landing on Mrs Durham felt a little icky for a book written for small children! My daughters haven't picked up on it but it just felt a little weird to me. 

Was read to me 19th November '17

Barry Loser's Christmas Joke Book
Author: Jim Smith
This is a really great joke book! We had a lovely family afternoon, reading the jokes out loud and laughing. This book would make a perfect Christmas present!