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3 children aged 13, 11 & 2.
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Favourite book EVER is The Magic far away tree
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A Crystal of Time
For Ages
9, 10, 11, 12 & 13
No. of Copies
End Date
12th Mar '19
Open to residents of Republic of Ireland & United Kingdom

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Book pages Demon Dentist
Demon Dentist
I read it to Jamiepr aged 13
I shared this with Jamie and he found the book interesting. It is a good story line but we prefer David Williams other books. This has a scary element to it and any fear of the dentist will not help. It’s about Alfie who has such horrible teeth and needs to
Visit a dentist something happens to that dentist so another one appears. Would recommend for 10 yrs with this one 

Wrote a Review 10th March '19

Book pages Hugh Shampoo
Hugh Shampoo
I read it to Pre school aged 2 to 4
I read a review on this book and have a few children who hate going to the hairdressers. The children aged 3 loved this book and found the funny how Hugh had such messy hair even though his parents are hairdressers. A fab illustrated book which kept the children interested and chatting to their parents and friends about what happens
If u dont look after your hair. 

Entered a Giveaway 10th March '19

Book pages Placeholder Book
The Quiet at the End of the World
For Ages
12, 13 & 14
No. of Copies
End Date
19th Mar '19
Open to residents of Republic of Ireland & United Kingdom