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I read this book 1st January '19

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown (book 13)
Author: Jeff Kinney
This was so funny!! Rowley and Gregg out having a huge snowball battle in their street, the jokes are as funny as the other books, I really enjoyed reading this new one! 

Was read to me 10th December '18

The Christmasaurus
Author: Tom Fletcher
What a FUN tastic Christmas Tale!! William Trundle is a lonely boy who longs for a friend that understands him, and his Christmas Mad Father. When A happy accident means that a Dinosaur from the North Pole ends up at his house on Christmas Eve, it changes everything for him. We loved the funny elves and their rhyming songs, and the story of how a prehistoric dinosaur ended up in the North Pole! a 5 Star book, easy reading, and fun for all! 

Was read to me 21st October '18

Witch Girl
Author: Jan Eldredge
A Lovely book - however JJ found this a little scary - the creepy mansion full of secrets kept him on the edge of his seat and some of the twists were a bit tense! tense. Evangeline Clement is a lovely character, sweet, and imaginative with a curious nature, which seems to get her into trouble! The book is fully of mystery and intrigure - although perhaps suited for a slightly older audience (my son is 7) we still enjoyed it - and the illustrations are beautiful. 

I read this book 23rd September '18

The Midnight Gang
Author: David Walliams Illustrator: Tony Ross
A fun frolic with a touching end - definately a book that reminds us of the importance of friendship and acceptance. I read this with my boys. We loved the Caretaker who brought childrens wishes true! what a hero - even though he himself was touched by sadness, an outcast because of his looks. 
I love that David Walliams has chosen characters who each have their own personal identities, and some who are different because of their health, their character or looks. He makes the point that everyone deserves a chance, and that no book should be judged by its cover, in his own imitable and funny way. We really enjoyed this latest book, and will be looking forward to the next!! 

Was read to me 23rd September '18

Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo
Author: Alice Hemming
This is an absolutely hilarious book!! from the characters Daisy-may, Mitchell and Arlo, to Mrs Ogg, this book had my boys in stitches! they loved the bits of mischief the children got up to (chocolate milk in the hair, using poo to paint pictures)! this book really appealed to them and the illustrations really fit the story. We all thoroughly enjoyed this book - a must have for the book shelf!