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Attack of the Alien Dung!


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The Pet Defenders Code: 1. The safety of Planet Earth depends on you. 2. Humans MUST NOT know the truth. GOOD LUCK - you'll need it...

From Gareth P. Jones, winner of the Blue Peter Award and author of successful young series fiction, including NINA MEERKATS, comes a brand-new comic caper. THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS meets THE X FILES - Pet Defenders are secret agents with a difference.

It's up to Mitzy and Biskit to save the world from alien invasions - just so long as they can stop fighting like cat and dog for long enough to do it!

Secret agent Biskit is not happy when he discovers his new partner Mitzy is a cat - everyone knows that cats and dogs don't mix. But saving the earth from alien invasions must come first and the planet is under attack! A cluster of cow pats has flown into town and they're whipping up a stink... It's time for Biskit and Mitzy to put aside their differences and kick some alien butt!

For fans of funny and action-packed animal adventures including Andrew Cope's Spy Dog series, Astrosaurs and Jeremy Strong.

Attack of the Alien Dung! Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 1 in the Pet Defenders Series. See all Pet Defenders books here.

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2nd April '17
I read it to JJ aged 6 aged 6 & to Li aged 6 aged 6
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
5 stars
A hilarious tale of a mismatched pair of super agents - a cat and a dog calle Mitzy and Bizkit - they have to join forces to save the universe from an invasion of stinky cow pats that threaten the universe with their pong! My children loved the characters - and loved that they were domestic pets like cat and dog - it makes them funny and easy to relate to - we loved the bit with the cow poo pats flying in to town and Bizkit and Mitzy deciding to be friends and fight against them instead of like cat and dog! lovely book perfect for all ages! 
4th April '17
batshadow read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
5 stars
From the cover this did not look like the sort of book I was going to like that much, but when I read the blurb and it sounded interesting so I decided to enter the give away.

Attack of the Alien Dung is much more exciting than you would expect and it has lots of funny moments. The main characters are a dog called Biskit, who is actually a secret agent who saves the world from aliens; Mizy, is a cat who likes to plan ahead and is quick on her feet and Example One, who is a super clever mouse with bright pink furr.

On a finally note Attack of the Alien Dung is a fun exciting book with laughter at every turn.
24th March '17
alfie 2002 read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
5 stars
Biskit is a dog that knows what he wants. his owner phillip will just have to wait . commander f is a tad fat and bossy bunny . and did you know there are 50 names for piles of dung Mavis will tell you that .Mitzy is a fatastic help along the way .... alfie enjoyed this book and the pictures added a great touch
26th March '17
I read it to Christopher_Thor aged 6 aged 6 & to Adam_Barry aged 4 aged 4
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
5 stars
Funny, witty and easy enough text for a 6 year old to read with the occasional help from a parent. Both our boys found the story intriguing and the illustrations caused proper belly laughs. Overall a great book and it only took us few nights to read from cover to cover. Definitely recommend.
7th April '17
I read it to DC aged 8 aged 8 & to SC aged 4 aged 4
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
5 stars
I read this to my two boys over a few nights - the chapters are a good length for a bedtime story. The 8 year old declared it to be 'brilliant' and the 4 year old loved the inclusion of illustrations throughout the book. The book also has a great cover to draw in younger readers. There are several laugh out loud moments, the boys particularly liked the seagulls and their 'Forget-Me-Plop'! The four year old in particular loved the idea that the animals around us are actually secret agents! Highly recommended as a story to read aloud to children or for young confident readers to read themselves. We're looking forward to the next instalment.
18th April '17
I read it to Erin aged 6 aged 6
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
5 stars
An easy book to read full of action, the main character biskit the pet defender dog is a hard nut to crack only wanting to work on his own but when faced with a giant dunk/junk eating alien beetle the size of a house his unlikely partner mitzy the cat gains his trust to save the planet. My daughter loved every page and was always excited to read more.
16th May '17
I read it to Bailey aged 10 aged 10 & to Mylie moo aged 6 aged 6
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
5 stars
My son has special needs and unable to read so we read this book together. 
We were lucky enough to win this book in a competition, thank you Toppsta!! 
A great fun family read. My some has a great sense of humour so this book was a great read. Especially the part with the cow poo pats!! A fabulous book. My ten year old and 6 year old loved it. 
18th May '17
Bookboy1 read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
4 stars
I thought this book was very funny and enjoyed reading. Mitsy and Biscuit were hilarious and it was a very silly story. 
1st May '17
I read it to ethaneagles aged 6 aged 6
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
4 stars
Great idea for a book. Entertaining and funny. Chapters are just the right length. I read this book to Ethan (6) and he enjoyed it. He found the "Forget me Plops" very funny.
4th June '17
I read it to Montymoo aged 6 aged 6
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
4 stars
Good book to read to my son as he is developing his reading!  We read a bit at a time and of course the content of the book appealed to him and kept him listening 
6th May '17
I read it to 1breakdancer aged 6 aged 6
Attack of the Alien Dung! 9781847157799
2 stars
This was OK but took us both a while to get into it. The use of language didn't somehow suit my 6 year old - he found it hard to follow in places. It felt like it would work better as a TV cartoon than a book - weird thing to say, I know, but the story just didn't flow for us. 
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Gareth P. Jones (Author)  Gareth lives in South East London and divides his time between writing books, producing TV and spending time with his wife and son, Herbie. His books include The Considine Curse which won the Blue Peter Book of the year prize.     Garry Parsons (Illustrator)  Garry studied fine art at Brighton College and went on to study illustrati...

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