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Was read to me 17th October '18

Disney Ideas Book: More than 100 Disney Crafts, Activities, and Games
Authors: DK , Elizabeth Dowsett
We are all huge Disney fans in this house so we were really excited to get our hands on this book!

Zara loved how you could recreate a Moana crown, we also showed it to our nieces who are 6 and they enjoyed the cardboard candelabra and how easy the items were to make. Alex had so much fun making the felt masks, Willo the whips and also the volcano.

There are so many great ideas to follow we cannot wait to create even more.

The steps in the book are set out easily and simple for the children to follow. A great book that is so different to what we have seen before.

I read this book 17th October '18

LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book: More than 200 Games, Activities, and Building Ideas
Authors: DK , Elizabeth Dowsett , Simon Hugo , Hannah Dolan
This is a really cool book, I really liked how you could use lego to build other things such as a Pen Pot which is really cool. My mum liked how you could create Christmas scenes with Star Wars as well. 

The book has a list of all the things that you can do at the front and how if you don't have certain pieces that you can use what you have to create something as cool. I am so excited to try some of the new ideas with the lego that I have.

A brilliant book with lots of ideas.

Was read to me 6th October '18

A Bear Grylls Adventure 5: The River Challenge
Author: Bear Grylls
Both Alex and I are really enjoying reading this series of books. They are great for an introduction to the outdoors and some very basic survival skills something that most children lack. The series is based around a group of children that are away at a summer camp and they are all brought to meet Bear via a compass with an extra needle.

Each of the children have their own journey that covers a fear that they have and this story features on a young boys fear of water. Although he can swim he is still a little scared of water and the power it has, together he and Bear take on a river adventure and he conquers his fears with the help of Bear and we learnt some tips on what to do in a similar situation.

There are illustrations in the book on various pages to show what is happening in the story and the chapters are not too long so find they are perfect for my almost 8 year old to read alone if he so wishes.

Was read to me 6th October '18

The Giant Jumperee
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury
We loved this book, we loved the anticipation of who the Giant Jumperee was. I really enjoyed reading this to my children and using different tones and voices to bring the story alive.

The children loved pointing out the animals and joining in counting 1,2,3.

It was lovely to make this story interactive with them both and they both remained enticed right to the end of the story.

Lovely illustrations and a funny little story that we will enjoy over and over again.

I read this book 26th September '18

World's Strangest Creepy Crawlies
Author: Lonely Planet
I liked this book as it had lots of unusual creatures that I had not seen before. They looked strange but it was interesting to read about them and now I look for them when out and about.

It is good to know about lesser known creatures.