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Was read to me 12th November '18

A Bear Grylls Adventure 9: The Cave Challenge
Author: Bear Grylls Illustrator: Emma McCann
These stories are great for inspiring children to overcome their demons. Each book tackles something that the child is afraid of. This story is about Harry, a boy who likes his clothes and goes to any length to keep them clean.

Like the other stories they are all linked with the passing of the compass and Harry finds himself with Bear in a Cave. Going against all he dislikes he finds himself dressed in a dirty suit to protect him and a hat to protect his head. As he has the challenge of escaping the caves he finds himself finding courage to get passed things that have previously held him back. 

These stories are great for young children to read and my son really enjoys us reading them together. He reads them also as there is no real difficult language that he struggles with and there are generally no more than 10 or so chapters so are great books to get into reading.

I read this book 7th November '18

101 Small Ways to Change the World
Authors: Lonely Planet , Aubre Andrus
This is a really good book. I wasn't sure about it at first as I didn't know how I could change the world but it shows how little things can make a change.

Help at School is good as it shows how I can help other people and to understand when people pick on people and how to ask for help. Sometimes I would get upset and wait until I got home to tell my mum but this book tells me to speak to the teacher or another adult and ask for help. It also made me think how I treat other people and if i would like to be treated that way.

helping at home was also something I think i good, my mum and dad always ask me how school went and i never want to tell them but now i see they ask as they want to know i am ok and i am going to try to talk to them more about what i did.

There are lots of things already in the book that we do but i decided to look in my room for things that someone else my like that i don't play with anymore and give them away. I also liked that i can look on the internet for more ideas. this is a fun book and i am going to do as many things in the book as i can.

I read this book 30th October '18

Get Coding 2! Build Five Computer Games Using HTML and JavaScript
Author: David Whitney Illustrator: Duncan Beedie
This book is so good, I love playing computer games and mum thought this would be ideal for me to be able to learn how games are made.

I find it really interesting as it has lots of pictures to show you how to do it for yourself.

Was read to me 28th October '18

A Bear Grylls Adventure 2: The Desert Challenge: by bestselling author and Chief Scout Bear Grylls
Author: Bear Grylls Illustrator: Emma McCann
We love reading this collection of books and how each one leads onto another character and story that are all from the same camp.

The books are relatively short with around 10 chapters so are great for confident readers. 

This story is about Sophie, she is scared of creepy crawlies and bugs so when she finds herself in the desert with Bear Grylls it's time to face her fears once and for all. Coming face to face with maggots, snakes amongst other things she learns how to deal with her fears and how she can help others.

There are always a few survival tips hidden in these books and this one provides that. A great fun collection of books.

I read this book 28th October '18

Unlock Your Imagination: 250 Boredom Busters - Fun Ideas for Games, Crafts, and Challenges
Author: DK
This book is really cool. 

I like all of the ideas and have decided what I am going to do whilst I am off school. I am going to make the crazy golf course as that looks so much fun. It is a great book it even has board games in it. I always tell my mum I am bored in the holidays and now I have this book we have decided to do lots of things so I don't say that anymore.

The book is really big with lots of ideas and I want to share it with my friends.