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101 Small Ways to Change the World


101 Small Ways to Change the World Reviews | Toppsta

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It's hard to believe that you could change the world, but it's true! We'll show you loads of awesome ways to help out family, friends, yourself and the planet - and show how you're never too young to make a big difference. Includes random acts of kindness, craft projects, energy-saving ideas and much more.
101 Small Ways to Change the World is a practical, fun and creative book to inspire you at home, school and in your local community and beyond! Remember, all big ideas start with just one person who decides to do things differently. You could be that person.
Ideas for Caring for Others include:

  • Talk to a new kid in class
  • Start an after-school club
  • Eat less meat
  • Donate clothes and food

Ideas for Caring for the Planet include:
  • Say "no" to plastic
  • Buy local food and drink
  • Plant a tree
  • Take a shorter shower

Ideas for Caring for Yourself include:
  • Love yourself and stand tall
  • Disconnect and get outside
  • Be active
  • Spend more time with family

About Lonely Planet Kids: Lonely Planet Kids - an imprint of the world's leading travel authority Lonely Planet - published its first book in 2011. Over the past 45 years, Lonely Planet has grown a dedicated global community of travellers, many of whom are now sharing a passion for exploration with their children. Lonely Planet Kids educates and encourages young readers at home and in school to learn about the world with engaging books on culture, sociology, geography, nature, history, space and more. We want to inspire the next generation of global citizens and help kids and their parents to approach life in a way that makes every day an adventure. Come explore!

101 Small Ways to Change the World Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 84 in the Lonely Planet Kids Series. See all Lonely Planet Kids books here.

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10th November '18
Panda read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
This useful book shows you how to make the world a better place. It’s split into three sections which are Caring for Others, Caring for the Planet and Caring for Yourself. I like how some of the suggestions are easy to do and there were ideas I hadn’t thought of. My favourite pages are 46-47 which tell you lots of good quality facts such as the largest collection of rubbish in the world is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I like how this is hardback so I can keep it in good condition. The pictures are really nice and each page is carefully presented. 
11th November '18
Ratatouille read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
I really like this book because it has some extremely cool but small ways to change the world like :helping your family, your friends and even your teachers but it will still make a difference. I really liked all the facts and colourful drawings. I loved the idea of making awards so I decided to make one myself: I made a TOP CHEF award for my mum and she really appreciated it. 
28th November '18
I read it myself (an adult)
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
This isn't the sort of book I would have necessarily picked up or bought for the children, but entered the competition as my son has joined his eco-club at school and has done a lot of things on what small things you can do to help the environment, so I thought it would appeal. I'm actually really pleasantly surprised, it's not necessarily a book you would buy yourself, but would make a great gift. It split into three sections - caring for others, caring for the planet and caring for yourself. Each section there are lots of fanscinating facts as well as small do-able things that would make the world a better place. I think that I immediately warmed to this book when it's very first suggestion is to SMILE! Such a small simple action, but one that I try to encourage my children to do - and as I said, the ideas are doable. Illustrated in an appealing manner, I think this is a great addition to our bookcase.
12th November '18
Rpk read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
I think this book is really good and helpful. It made me want to do more nice things for people. I liked the ideas for helping people feel happy and to say thank you. I wrote my dinner lady a letter to say thank you for being so helpful, and we made a cake for the people next door. It made her really happy and it made me feel happy. 
I like how the book is set out, there’s fun little pictures and the ideas are written in lots of different ways which makes the book even more interested. 
The book has 3 sections. I really like the caring for the planet section, the recycling pages are good and the ideas are good. The caring for others section is nice as it made me want to say thank you to more people and make them feel happy. 
I took this book into my school and my teacher said she’s going to buy the book for our class. 
I think this book is a really good idea. It’s nice to make people feel happy. This book made me happy. 
18th November '18
I read it to Zuzu aged 6 aged 6
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
An essential for every household! Great deep conversation starter, can see my daughters mind ticking as we read and discuss the book. I love the balance of the balance between environmental and social, it's so empowering. The illustrations and lay out is wonderful too. We're going to aim to read a page a day together so we can really absorb the info,it's a game changer! 
13th November '18
BellaCam read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
Bella absolutely loves this book. So much so she’s taken it to school today (world kindness day) to share with them the first section which is ways you can change at school. Talk to someone. Be kind. Help a teacher. 
They are small things but they really can help change the world. Not just for kids as I learnt a bit too! Set out in a fun way to engage kids it’s really is a wonderful book 
8th November '18
Ollie08 read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
I love to read and when my mum gave me this book I started to read it straight away. 
It’s interesting how such small things that everyone could do would make such a big difference. I can’t wait for my brother and sister to read it so we can talk about it together
20th November '18
Legostar09 read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
This is a great for anyone trying to make the world a better place. Now don’t worry, I don’t mean like never use your car again, or never use electricity. I mean more like remembering to turn off lights when your not using them, or put on a jumper instead of turning on the heating. It also gives good ideas on how you can help other people too by just doing little things like spreading kindness. 
I like that the book is lots of little sections not one big bit of writing and that it’s broken up into different ways to help which makes it easy to use. I also like that there are ideas of thing I can do by myself with mums help.
14th November '18
Fp2019 read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
I really liked this book because it was very  exiting and it is quite interesting because it was helpful and It has helped the world and me.
9th January '19
Holls read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
5 stars
A really good book full of ideas and facts. 
I’m always looking in it for how I can be more Eco friendly. 
7th November '18
Alex0512 read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
4 stars
This is a really good book. I wasn't sure about it at first as I didn't know how I could change the world but it shows how little things can make a change.

Help at School is good as it shows how I can help other people and to understand when people pick on people and how to ask for help. Sometimes I would get upset and wait until I got home to tell my mum but this book tells me to speak to the teacher or another adult and ask for help. It also made me think how I treat other people and if i would like to be treated that way.

helping at home was also something I think i good, my mum and dad always ask me how school went and i never want to tell them but now i see they ask as they want to know i am ok and i am going to try to talk to them more about what i did.

There are lots of things already in the book that we do but i decided to look in my room for things that someone else my like that i don't play with anymore and give them away. I also liked that i can look on the internet for more ideas. this is a fun book and i am going to do as many things in the book as i can.
12th December '18
JFiglet read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
3 stars
This book had some interesting facts in, I was listed interested in the part about how long it takes to decay. I liked that it had sections on how to be kind to yourself and to other people, not just how to be kind to the planet. I think it's important to be kind to yourself. I was expecting there to be more about being kind to the planet. It's a good book to flick at and read facts, but there isn't loads of information on each page. It has good illustrations. I think it would be a great book to borrow from the library, but not necessarily buy.
19th November '18
Aureus read it themselves aged 11 to 13
101 Small Ways to Change the World 9781787014862
3 stars
The Aureus school book group thought that this book would definitely suit a primary school audience. We liked it and thought that it suited some of our school values. One of the students liked the section on caring for yourself and well being. Others enjoyed the aspect of community and how you can help others. We all loved the section with great ideas on how to care for your planet.
There are lots of great illustrations in this book with many inspirational and practical ideas on how you change the world in small ways.
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