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Was read to me 22nd July '18

Mirror Magic
Author: Claire Fayers
We loved this book following Ava and her brother's move to Wyse after their parent's death.  They are invited by Lord Skinner who Ava's father had warned her not to trust.  The town is twinned with the magical village of Unwyse where via magic mirrors the fairies deliver gifts at the humans request.  The book follows Ava and her friend Charle's investigating the mysteries in the village.  It is a great mystery, adventure story.  My daughter loved this as she is a fan of Harry Potter and Enid Blyton so it was brilliant.

Was read to me 22nd July '18

Author: Jo Cotterill
We loved this book as it follows Angelica and how she is trying to fit in as school as she is worried about her appearance and she doesn't think she looks like the other girls.  She uses humour to fit in and cover up who she really is.  The story has poems throughout which tie in with the story but give it a different style of writing.  It's great to help children understand about understanding who you really are and not being hung up on appearrance.  

Was read to me 7th June '18

Ella on the Outside
Author: Cath Howe
This story is written in a diary style.  It follows Ella as she moves to a new city and starting a new school as her family escape what has happened in their past.  This is the secret that Ella is meant to keep.  You see her struggles to try and fit in and make friends at her school.  It's a really good book to make children understand about how your behaviour and words can impact on other people.  At times you feel sorry for the characters or want to stop Ella from some of the things she says.  

Was read to me 14th May '18

The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day
Author: Christopher Edge
This was a fascinating book following the different realities of Maisie Day.  It follows Maisie's brithday and how different choices impact upon what happens to her.  Mixing science with the narrative.  My daughter enjoyed the story but found it easier to read along with me as she had lots of questions about the science.

Was read to me 29th April '18

The City of Secret Rivers
Author: Jacob Sager Weinstein
This is a brilliant book that we loved reading together.  It is a great adventure about a yong girl who moves to London with her Mum unaware of her families links to a war that has existed for many years over the magical power of the rivers under London.  It's not until her Mum is kidnapped that she gets pulled into this world.  There are lots of twists and turns and trying to figure out the mystery and who Hyacinth can trust.  Full of lots of interesting characters and a whole new hidden world under the streets of London.  Great for fans of magical books like Harry Potter.