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Was read to me 1st October '18

The City of Guardian Stones
Author: Jacob Sager Weinstein
This is the second book in the series and we were gripped from the start we couldn't put it down.  It is another great mystery adventure set around London using famous landmarks from across the city.  We love Hyacinth and her friends Little Ben and Oarborious the Pig as they try to save London again from strong magical powers.  

Was read to me 24th September '18

Violet and the Mystery of Tiger Island
Author: Harriet Whitehorn
My children love this series of Violet books.  This is another great mystery adventure following Violet and her best friend solving a crime.  Great for children wholove books such as the famous five.  

I read this book 24th September '18

The Pony With No Name
Author: Tracey Corderoy
Bryony moves to a new home after her Dad dies.  She loves horses and meets a pony in the forest whilst exploring her new village.  I really liked |Bryony as she is a kind girl who loves looking after horses.  I really enjoyed this book as the girls were a similar age to me and enjoyed the things that I do.  It made me feel happy to read it.

Was read to me 15th August '18

Author: Charli Howard
This is a brilliant book that I shared with my 10 year old.  It follows Molly and her group of friends and that difficult transition period from Junior to Secondary school when children start to grow up but not all at the same time.  It handles delicate subjects about friendship, bullying and self esteem in a way that children can relate to.  It really helps children to think differently about how their actions and words can impact others.  It really helped my LO to understand what real friendship should be about and what is not acceptable for people to say.  I would definitely recommend this book for all young girls to read.

Was read to me 15th August '18

A Darkness of Dragons
Author: S. A. Patrick
This is a brilliant fantasy adventure story to introduce children to the genre.  It mixes mythical creatures, magic with a well known fairytale that creates a really interesting story with lots of twists and turns along the way.  Brilliant for children who like Harry Potter or the Hobbit.  We can't wait for the next instalment to come out.